More state space politics

A Florida Today article on Wednesday describes efforts by the state’s space industry to lobby state legislators and governor Jeb Bush to for additional incentives. Members of industry, along with representatives from NASA, the Air Force, and the Florida Space Authority, made the rounds in Tallahassee on Tuesday trying to line up support for additional […]

Tax breaks, geography, and orbital mechanics

Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times has an article [free registration required] about an effort by a state legislator to expand an existing tax break for launch vehicles and spacecraft built in and launched from California. The bill, heard in the State Assembly’s taxation committee for the first time Monday, would extend the tax break to cover […]

A couple of interesting articles

This week’s issue of The Space Review has a couple of articles that will be of interest to readers. Dwayne Day has a very detailed look at the claims promulgated in the media that the new space initiative would cost $1 trillion. He went back through all the articles to find the very first time […]

Schedule for next Aldridge Commission hearing

The President’s Commission on Moon, Mars, and Beyond (aka the Aldridge Commission) has issued a press release and schedule for its next public meeting, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon through Thursday in Atlanta. Wednesday afternoon’s session will be devoted to entrepreneurs, public-private partnerships, and some speakers from the host school, Georgia Tech. Thursday’s session will feature […]

Hubble and space policy

A front-page article in Sunday’s Washington Post describes the outpouring of public sentiment in support of Hubble in the wake of NASA’s decision to cancel the SM4 mission. The article argues, as many have, that the SM4 cancellation threatens the agency’s focus on the new exploration program:

What emerges from this outpouring is an “us-vs.-them” […]

Highlights of the House space transportation hearing

I attended Thursday afternoon’s hearing of the House Science Committee’s space subcommittee regarding DOD-NASA cooperation on space transportation issues. There wasn’t too much from the hearing that was newsworthy, but here are a few random tidbits that may be of interest:

The one news item from the meeting was that Craig Steidle, the NASA Associate […]

A name for the new exploration initiative

After observing the events of the last two months and talking with some people, it’s become clear that the new space initiative announced in January is missing one critical thing: a name. If you go to NASA’s web site you’ll find that the section associated with the exploration program is titled “NASA’s Future: Exploration and […]

Even more cosponsors for Hubble resolution

The number of cosponsors for H. Res. 550, a House resolution calling for an independent review of the NASA decision to cancel the last Hubble servicing mission, has now crossed the 30 mark. The Mars Society announced in an email message today that the resolution now has 34 cosponsors. A check of Thomas revealed that […]

Updated info for House Science Committee hearing

The House Science Committee issued a “media advisory” late Wednesday regarding the space subcommittee’s hearing Thursday on DOD/NASA cooperation on space transportation issues. The extensively-revised list of witnesses now reads as follows:

Rear Admiral (Ret.) Craig Steidle, NASA Associate Administrator for the Office of Exploration Systems Major General (Ret.) Robert Dickman, Deputy for Military Space […]

Lampson and the space initiative

There are few stauncher proponents of space exploration in the House than Rep. Nick Lampson (D-TX). The congressman, whose district includes the Johnson Space Center, introduced the Space Exploration Act in both this Congress and the previous one. The bill (HR 3057) would set a series of ambitious space exploration goals for NASA. You would […]