A solution for HR 3752?

MSNBC published late Friday a detailed article about the obstacles facing HR 3752 in the Senate, notably the definition issues previously noted here. This is the first article (that I have seen) in the mainstream media to talk about the status of this legislation in any detail. There are a number of interesting tidbits in […]

Hutchison and Hubble

The Houston Chronicle reported Friday that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) has sent a letter to President Bush asking him to reverse NASA’s decision to cancel the SM4 Hubble servicing mission. The letter was accompanied by a petition signed by 26 former astronauts, including Scott Carpenter, Gene Cernan, and Dick Gordon, asking for the SM4 […]

Summer showdown for NASA authorization

In a UPI article yesterday, Frank Sietzen describes the upcoming political challenges the Vision for Space Exploration faces in Congress. The article has a couple of interesting tidbits, including the possibility that the NASA authorization bill soon to be introduced in Congress will include a provision giving the NASA administrator the “political authority” to close […]

Update on “America’s Priorities”

This week’s issue of Space News has an article (not available online) about the AFL-CIO’s “America’s Priorities” web site that was previously discussed here. A spokesman from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM)—a union that is a member of the AFL-CIO—said in the article that his union supported space exploration. Indeed, the […]

Congressional town hall meeting at JPL

Senator Sam Brownback and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, the chairmen of the Senate and House subcommittees that oversee NASA, will jointly hold a town hall meeting Tuesday at 3 pm PDT (6 pm EDT) at JPL. The topic, as you might imagine, is the Vision for Space Exploration. For those not at the lab, the event […]

Light-speed legislation

A lot has been said of late of the very slow pace of activity in Congress, particularly in the Senate, where very little legislation, from space issues to budgets to judicial nominations, have been getting through. There are, though, exceptions to the rule, one of which is tangentially space-related. S.2315, with the descriptive title of […]

Space policy at ISDC

Later this week at the 2004 International Space Development Conference, the annual conference of the National Space Society in Oklahoma City, there will be one track devoted to space policy issues. That track, scheduled for Friday, features a number of well-known speakers including Courtney Stadd, Dana Johnson, and Jeff Bingham. Randall Clague, government liaison for […]

More on HR 3752 concerns

A couple of notes to follow-up on this earlier posting about concerns regarding HR 3752. At the full COMSTAC meeting at FAA Headquarters on Thursday, Pete Worden, the retired Air Force general who is serving as a Congressional fellow in the office of Sen. Sam Brownback, discussed the status of the bill in the Senate. […]

A “silent majority” in favor of the exploration plan?

In the May issue of SpaceWatch, the newsletter of the Space Foundation, there’s an article by foundation president Elliot Pulham about public support for the new exploration plan. An excerpt:

…in survey upon survey over the past two decades we [the American public] have expressed overwhelming support for the nation’s civil space program. Nonetheless, our […]

HR 3752: a concern over definitions

At Wednesday afternoon’s meeting of the RLV Working Group of the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) at FAA Headquarters, there was a spirited discussion among participants about the status and fate of HR 3752. At least one person present had concerns about the bill because of the language used in the bill to define […]