Another snippet from the campaign trail

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in Houston yesterday to make a speech at the “Houston Presidential Energy Summit”, the only one of the three major candidates to speak at the event. According to a report at PoliGazette by someone who is clearly a supporter of, or at least sympathetic to, Clinton, the candidate did […]

Obama wants to make NASA spending “a little more coherent”

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was interviewed Thursday by report Tom Beres of Cleveland’s WKYC-TV on a number of topics, including NASA—of topic of some interest there given the presence of the Glenn Research Center. In the interview, Obama says the space program has been “stuck” for a number of years with the shuttle. He […]

Florida considering spaceflight indemnification bill

The Florida Legislature, following the lead of Virginia, is considering legislation to provide liability immunity for suborbital commercial vehicle operators. The legislation, HB 737, was introduced in the Florida House of Representatives in January by Rep. David Simmons, an Orlando-area Republican, and is currently working its way through various House committees. The legislation would make […]

Bill Clinton: Hillary supports human spaceflight just like me

Former president Bill Clinton was in Houston yesterday stumping for his wife, and he briefly addressed the issue of human spaceflight, according to the Houston Chronicle:

Clinton pointed out that Hillary Clinton places more of an emphasis than Obama on human space travel.

“This is the center of American space travel,” he said of Houston […]

Blitz results, Storm planning

I had not heard too much about the results of the recent “Space Blitz” by the Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) earlier this month, where members of the SEA’s organzations briefed Congressional offices about NASA funding and associated issues. The SEA, through the Mars Society, did issue a press release last week, which I’ve reprinted below […]

Ron Paul’s other race

While Ron Paul is continuing his presidential campaign—a decision many may consider quixotic given John McCain’s virtual lock on the Republican nomination at this point—he does have a separate election looming: the Republican nomination for the 14th Congressional District in Texas, a seat Paul has held for over a decade. Paul is facing a strong […]

Things may change – or they may not

Not wanting to get too far out on a limb, Sunday’s Florida Today features an article headlined “Election may affect NASA future”. The article doesn’t directly address what the next president might do to change space policy, but rather looks at the debate about whether the Ares 1 is the best vehicle to implement NASA’s […]

An optimist, indeed

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) paid a visit to the Space Coast on Wednesday, and touched upon both NASA as well as space policy in the presidential campaign during a speech there. On the election, Nelson said Florida’s role as a swing state in the general election could continue to make space an issue in the […]

“A mission to Tallahassee”

Florida’s space industry will be trekking to the state capitol in Tallahassee next month to lobby for support as the industry approaches the post-shuttle era, Florida Today reported Wednesday. Space Day, on March 6, will feature meetings with over 100 state legislators as well as the governor and lieutenant governor. The article is scant on […]

Space and the liberal blogosphere

For some reason, the Houston Chronicle article about the policy differences between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, which include at least subtle differences on the issue of human spaceflight, got the attention of some high-profile members on the left side of the political blogosphere. Monday morning Matthew Yglesias of The Atlantic Online […]