Bad timing

NPR this morning: “NASA Chief Questions Urgency of Global Warming”

NASA/GSFC press release later this morning: “Research Finds That Earth’s Climate is Approaching ‘Dangerous’ Point”

Needless to say, Mike Griffin’s remarks are not going over well on Capitol Hill among those members who think that NASA is not spending enough on Earth sciences programs. I […]

Cobb hearing rescheduled

The joint hearing by the investigations and oversight subcommittee of the House Science and Technology Committee and the space subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee into the investigation of NASA inspector general Robert Cobb has been rescheduled for 2 pm on Thursday, June 7 in Russell 253. The hearing had been scheduled for last week […]

Spudis: what NASA is doing right and wrong with the Vision

Paul Spudis spoke Saturday morning at the ISDC, reviewing how NASA is implementing the Vision for Space Exploration and what is right and wrong with it. He said he sees a number of good decisions NASA has made regarding the Vision, including basing the lunar lander on the RL-10 engine, which allows the use of […]

Lampson and the HAT

Congressman Nick Lampson (D-TX), whose district includes NASA JSC but is perhaps better known as the person who won Tom DeLay’s former seat, spoke late Friday morning at the International Space Development Conference in Dallas. Lampson’s talk was something of a pep talk, encouraging attendees to lobby Congress for an increased NASA budget (the […]

A growing distraction

Yesterday’s hearing of the investigations subcommittee of the House Science and Technology Committee made it clear that the controversy surrounding NASA inspector general Robert Cobb is not dying down, although it might yet be overshadowed by NASA chief counsel Michael Wholley’s decision to destroy DVDs of a meeting between Mike Griffin and members of the […]

Shelby 1, Griffin 0

While it was increasingly clear in the last couple of weeks that NASA would not close the lunar robotics office at Marshall, the Huntsville Times reported today that it was official: NASA would keep the office open at a cost of $20 million a year for the next six years. However, what the office will […]

Arizona supports the Vision

The Arizona Senate on Tuesday approved a non-binding “memorial” stating its support for the Vision for Space Exploration. The resolution, SM 1005, calls on Congress to “enact and fully fund the proposed vision for space exploration, as submitted to Congress in the fiscal year 2008 budget of the United States government”. State resolutions in support […]

Yes, there is a space-related hearing Wednesday

While the Senate Commerce Committee’s space subcommittee has cancelled their planned joint hearing today with the House Science and Technology Committee about the investigation into the NASA inspector general (going so far as to remove the press release last week announcing the hearing from their web site), there is a space-related hearing this afternoon. The […]

Missing comments

A reader noted that a comment he posted earlier in the day had not appeared. It turns out the Akismet spam filter used by this blog (and many others) is a little overzealous, and has categorized a number of legitimate comments as spam. My apologies. Until the filter problems can be corrected, I would request […]

Alleviating COTS concerns

Last month’s NASA-Roskosmos contract for ISS resupply attracted criticism from some corners of the entrepreneurial space industry, concerned that the contract might be seen as undermining the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) effort. Later last month came a claim that the contract undermined one COTS company’s efforts at raising private capital, raising questions about that […]