John Kerry and Sally Ride

The Kerry campaign issued a media advisory Monday about an upcoming event with Sally Ride:

On Tuesday, June 29 at 1:30 p.m. EDT, former astronaut and the first woman in space Sally Ride will hold a conference call with reporters to discuss new Kerry proposals to encourage more women and minorities to pursue careers in […]

Kerry, NASA’s budget, and prizes

As noted in the comments to the previous entry, some news articles, like this Information Week report, claim that Kerry is backing a budget increase for NASA. As the article puts it, “Kerry also said he would increase funding for the National Science Foundation, NASA, National Institutes of Health, Energy Department, and the National Institute […]

STA breakfast with Tom DeLay

The Space Transportation Association has announced that it will be hosting a breakfast on Thursday, July 8, with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) as the featured speaker. (The details are not yet on the STA’s web site, but registration begins at 8am with DeLay scheduled to speak at 9am; the breakfast will be at […]

Canadian space politics

I suspect many, if not most, Americans are blissfully unaware that there’s a national election in Canada on Monday. Universe Today notes that the Mars Society of Canada sent questionnaires to representatives of the major parties in the weeks ahead of the election, asking for their stand on space issues, including funding for the Canadian […]

SEA level rises

The Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) has added several additional member organizations in recent days, bringing the total up to 21. In addition to the Moon Society, which announced its membership in SEA earlier this month, the new groups include:

Federation of Galaxy Explorers Global Space Travelers NASA Alumni League ShareSpace Foundation Space Generation Foundation Space […]

California Assembly passes space vision resolution

The California State Assembly last week passed a resolution in support of the Vision for Space Exploration. Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 86, introduced last month by Assemblywoman Sally Leiber (D-Mountain View), calls on the US Congress to fully fund the proposed NASA FY2005 budget. The text of the resolution calls on the old standbys for […]

SpaceShipOne, Kerry, and Bush

An unlikely trio, no? On Monday Kerry kicked off what he said would be a week of focusing on “his plan to make the American economy stronger at home through scientific discovery, technology and innovation” with a speech in Denver. Kerry claimed that the current administration has politicized science (the campaign also issued a letter […]

House hearing on Aldridge Commission postponed

This is late notice (I’m still catching up on work from being in Mojave the last couple days), but the House Science Committee has postponed a hearing scheduled for this morning on the Aldridge Commission’s final report. No reason for the cancellation, nor any information on a rescheduled date/time, was announced.

A few notes on the Aldridge Commission report rollout

I refrained from commenting on the Aldridge Commission’s final report because so much had already been said about its (leaked) contents before its release. (Also, I have been very busy the last several days.) There were a few tidbits about the release I wanted to point out:

If you haven’t already watched it, check out […]

Marburger on human spaceflight

John Marburger, the President’s science advisor, was the luncheon speaker Tuesday during NASA’s Centennial Challenges workshop in Washington. During his talk he touched upon the rationale for sending humans into space, and had some interesting comments:

We’re pretty sobered by the Columbia experience and the Challenger experience. They made it clear that we have to […]