SEA level rises

The Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) has added several additional member organizations in recent days, bringing the total up to 21. In addition to the Moon Society, which announced its membership in SEA earlier this month, the new groups include:

Some of these organization are pretty obscure: Global Space Travelers is an organization being set up by Jake Garn to serve as something like the Association of Space Explorers for non-professional astronauts; he announced it at a conference in DC back in December but nothing much has happened with it since then. I don’t know if there really are very many more organizations that could join SEA at this point.

Interestingly, I could find no formal announcement of these new organizations from the SEA itself: I found out about it in an email from ProSpace, one of the member organizations, promoting next month’s Moon-Mars Blitz. It would be useful for the SEA to set up a simple web site with some basic information about the group and its members.

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