Authorization contretemps

A routine markup session by the House Science Committee’s on a long-awaited NASA authorization bill took a surprisingly partisan turn on Wednesday. While there is typically a strong sense of bipartisan cooperation among committee members, during Wednesday’s hearing Democratic members expressed their opposition to the authorization bill, HR 3070. Reps. Mark Udall (D-CO) and Bart […]

Changing INA

The big news to come out of yesterday’s House Science Committee hearing featuring NASA Administrator Michael Griffin was arguably not his proclamation that the shuttle is ready to launch (it would have been news if had said anything else), but that he said that he and the administration are asking Congress to change the Iran […]

Police vs. NASA

Last week I noted an Iowa newspaper column that attempted to pit NASA against funding for drug enforcement measures. Sunday’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review featured a letter to the editor in a similar vein:

I don’t understand their decision not to transfer funds from a space program to a program that provides grants to state and local […]

Hearings this week

As announced last week, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin will be the sole witness at a full House Science Committee hearing this morning on “The Future of NASA”. The hearing will take place at 10 am in Rayburn 2318 and will be webcast. In addition, the space subcommittee has added a markup session for Wednesday afternoon […]

Appropriation and authorization update

First, the Senate Approprations Committee approved unanimously the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill. The press release announcing the bill’s approval offers no details, but since the NASA overall budget number remains unchanged at $16.4 billion, it seems the full committee did little or nothing to change the subcommittee’s work earlier this week.

What did […]

Some energy for NASA Glenn

The energy bill currently being debated by the Senate will “probably” include a provision that could support NASA’s Glenn Research Center, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Thursday. Ohio’s two senators, George Voinovich and Mike DeWine, are backing a provision that would authorize the Energy Department to spend $300 million over five years to develop more […]

Shuttle vs. EELV debate in defense bill

The ongoing debate on whether NASA should adopt a shuttle-derived or EELV-derived approach for a future heavy-lift launch vehicle (HLLV) or CEV launch vehicle has made its way into the FY06 Defense Department appropriations bill, according to a report in Thursday’s Deseret News. The Salt Lake City newspaper reported that Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) “also […]

On appropriations and authorizations

The Senate Appropriations Committee’s commerce, justice, and science subcommittee marked up its FY2006 appropriations bill Tuesday, including $16.4 billion for NASA. That figure includes $250 million added at the behest of Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) to provide funding for any Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission NASA may approve. (NASA Administrator Michael Griffin has previously said […]

NASA authorization and Griffin hearings

The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled a markup hearing this Thursday at 10 am to handle, among other matters, a proposed NASA authorization bill. The committee’s science and space subcommittee has not held its own hearing on the bill, which doesn’t even have a bill number yet.

While earlier reports indicated that the House Science […]

Solar sails gone bad

With all the discussion of late about the politics of space weaponization, I couldn’t help but pass along this commentary identifying the latest threat to peace in the cosmos. (Warning: we recommend that you complete any beverage you may be drinking before viewing this article. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may […]