Astronaut artifact bill becomes law

For all the partisan divides in Washington, some legislation can still easily become law. Last week the House approved by voice vote HR 4158, legislation that would give pre-Shuttle era astronauts ownerships of various artifacts they may have collected from their missions (with the exception to lunar samples). That bill then passed the Senate by […]

Campaign tidbits: seeking more details

After Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave a speech in Orlando where he briefly discussed space, a local television station, WKMG, sought more details from him about what a Romney Administration might do in space, but didn’t learn much. “We want to engage with NASA, commercial technology, the private sector, and our national security to […]

Gingrich offers a lukewarm endorsement of Romney’s space policy

It’s been almost exactly eight months since former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, running for the Republican presidential nomination, offered his own vision for America’s future in space in a campaign stop in Cocoa, Florida, including establishing a lunar base by 2020 that might, eventually, lead to statehood. While that proposal was ridiculed in […]

Obama campaign criticizes Ryan speech

On Saturday, coinciding with the release of the campaign’s space policy, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan mentioned space during a speech in Orlando. In the brief discussion of space, Ryan said that he and Mitt Romney “believe we need a mission for NASA” and criticized the “broken promises” of President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Obama’s […]

Ryan: “we need a mission for NASA”

Coinciding with the release of a space policy white paper by the Mitt Romney campaign, his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), mentioned space in a campaign appearance in Orlando:

A transcript:

The space program strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit and commercial competitiveness. It launches new industries and new technologies. President Obama campaigned quite […]

Romney campaign issues space policy white paper

So much for a quiet weekend. On Saturday the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney released a space policy white paper. The eight-page document (available on Scribd; it’s listed as a “private document” but you can freely view it at the link or embedded on Romney’s site) is a mix of the campaign’s own […]

Politicians want to get the politics out of NASA

Thursday afternoon four Republican members of the House of Representatives formally unveiled legislation that they claim will depoliticize NASA. The “Space Leadership Preservation Act” (sometimes called just the Space Leadership Act) would make a number of changes to how NASA is run, including the establishment of a board of directors and a fixed ten-year term […]

Quantifying sequestration’s effects (and the odds)

On Friday the Office of Management and Budget released a report detailing the budget cuts that would go into effect in January because of budget sequestration. For NASA, these cuts involve reductions of 8.2 percent across its various budget lines, for a total of nearly $1.46 billion, as detailed in page 186 of the report […]

House members to unveil “Space Leadership Act” today

Four members of the House of Representatives will appear at a press conference this afternoon outside the Capitol to announce new legislation that they claim will “change business as usual at NASA and result in a more stable and more accountable space program.” Reps. John Culberson (R-TX), Frank Wolf (R-VA), Bill Posey (R-FL), and Pete […]

House to vote on astronaut memorabilia bill today

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the House will take action today on legislation that would give ownership to Apollo-era astronauts of some artifacts from those missions in their possession.The bill, HR 4158, was introduced by House Science Committee chairman Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) in March after several events where NASA asserted it had ownership […]