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House to vote on astronaut memorabilia bill today

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the House will take action today on legislation that would give ownership to Apollo-era astronauts of some artifacts from those missions in their possession.The bill, HR 4158, was introduced by House Science Committee chairman Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) in March after several events where NASA asserted it had ownership of items that these former astronauts had sought to sell, including a checklist Apollo 13’s Jim Lovell had planned to auction. The bill will give “full ownership” of any artifact received by any astronaut in the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs, with a specific exclusion for lunar rocks and other lunar material.

The bill is one of 27 listed for consideration today by the House under suspension of the rules, which limits debate but requires a two-thirds majority for passage. The vote won’t take place until this evening.

Update: As expected, the legislation passed Wednesday on a voice vote.

6 comments to House to vote on astronaut memorabilia bill today

  • common sense

    Ah thank you Congress, sorry I mean House. I guess we’ll wait for the Senate to pitch in. There are so few more important things to do. Well I suppose everyone needs a break so why work on finding some agreement before sequestration when we have to protect the log book that went to the Moon!!!! Especially now, almost 50 years later! At least and unlike most americans you have your priorities straight! Thanks for the great work!


    More free drift. Meanwhile, the $4 billion Endeavour is on its way to a museum in downtown LA.

  • The Senate of ‘No’ will prevail. And of course, the House will be blamed for the legislation not being passed in a campaign speech by Obama, probably in Texas.


  • amightywind

    The democrats will say, “You didn’t build that!” But I see no reason not to allow the astronauts to monetize their memorabilia. Better that then having them molder in the Smithsonian, the nation’s storage shed. Some of us are still capitalists.

  • Vladislaw

    I agree with windy

    [checks pulse, temprature]

  • common sense

    @ Vladislaw wrote @ September 20th, 2012 at 9:44 am

    >>> I agree with windy
    >>> [checks pulse, temprature]

    What? Careful your spelling is gone already!

    Soon you’ll lose your teeth and hair! Worse, you may end up worshipping an elephant!!! Okay a donkey may not be that much better…

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