Update on “America’s Priorities”

This week’s issue of Space News has an article (not available online) about the AFL-CIO’s “America’s Priorities” web site that was previously discussed here. A spokesman from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM)—a union that is a member of the AFL-CIO—said in the article that his union supported space exploration. Indeed, the IAM spokesman said the union didn’t think the Vision for Space Exploration went far enough, and that more funding is required. Bruce Mahone of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), a member of the Space Exploration Alliance, said that he understood that the AFL-CIO would back away from their opposition because of the opinions of the IAM. However, as of this evening the America’s Priorities web site is still up, although with a few cosmetic tweaks that don’t alter the overall message.

3 comments to Update on “America’s Priorities”

  • Anonymous

    It’s very strange that the AFL-CIO would oppose a peaceful government program that provides good jobs to many of its members.

  • Buck Galaxy

    Big Labor will come on board. Their inevitable support will help President Kerry continue the moon, mars and beyond vision with only minor tweaks.

  • Brad

    “inevitable support”?? — Dream on Bucky

    Kerry’s campaign rep has already made clear that Kerry is against the moon to mars initiative, and now the AFL-CIO is singing the same tune. If Kerry is elected, what will happen is the army of techs wasting time keeping America mired in
    in LEO will remain employed and that will keep the AFL-CIO happy. As far as the Democrat party is concerned manned spaceflight beyond LEO is a waste of money. So kiss manned space exploration goodbye if Kerry becomes President.