Suborbital days

Yesterday and today members of the Suborbital Insitutute, a trade association for the suborbital launch vehicle industry, have been on Capitol Hill lobbying for a number of legislative measures to benefit the industry. The talking points used for their meetings outline their areas of interest: getting HR 3752 passed in the Senate, export control relief, […]

Moon-Mars Blitz

That’s the name of a grassroots Congressional lobbying campaign planned by the Space Exploration Alliance in July, according to a National Space Society press release. The NSS had already planned a “legislative conference” for July 11-13, where society members would have met with Congressional staffers to discuss space issues; this conference will now be focused […]

Big labor takes a swipe at space exploration

The AFL-CIO, a federation of labor unions that represents 13 million workers, has unveiled a new web site, America’s Priorities, that criticizes President Bush’s proposed space exploration plan. The centerpiece of the site is a 30-second commercial that starts with a question: “What should America’s priorities be?” The spot then splices sound bites from Bush’s […]

In the Sunday papers

Sunday’s Houston Chronicle has a front-page article about the status of the Vision for Space Exploration. (As of this writing the web version of the article is poorly formatted; perhaps the Chronicle is trying to save money by cutting out white space.) The article is largely a straightforward accounting of the obstacles the plan faces, […]

DeLay speaks on space exploration

As noted here last week, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a Houston-area Republican, plans to take a prominent role in supporting the Vision for Space Exploration by introducing a version of a NASA authorization bill that includes the President’s plan. DeLay is also speaking out more in support of the plan. Last week on Capitol […]

Hubble vs. Webb

In a column published earlier this week by the Naples (Fla.) Daily News, Ben Bova suggests that extending the life of the Hubble Space Telescope could pose a political threat to its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope:

NASA’s plans call for a bigger and better space telescope to be sent into orbit before this […]

SEA update

A few small updates about the Space Exploration Alliance:

As noted in the comments of the previous posting on this, some organizations, including the NSS and The Mars Society, have posted press releases about the new alliance, although there’s not much in the way of additional details. NASA Watch notes that both the Space Foundation […]

Another Bush space speech in the works

That’s the claim of a UPI article by Frank Sietzen published Monday. Sietzen writes that, according to a “senior administration source”, Bush will make an address about his new space policy in early summer, which would be his first public statement on the policy since his January 14 speech announcing it (assuming he doesn’t say […]

Introducing the Space Exploration Alliance

As expected, a group of space advocacy organizations announced today that they have joined forces in a loose alliance to promote the new space exploration initiative (read the coverage by and the AP.) The alliance was announced today in Washington at the National Press Club. They have assembled a wide range of participating organizations, […]

DeLay trumps Boehlert

A blurb in this week’s Aviation Week (not online) notes that Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), the House majority leader, has taken over work on introducing a NASA authorization bill that would support the President’s space exploration plan. House Science Committee chairman Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY), had planned to introduce the President’s version of the NASA […]