Moon-Mars Blitz

That’s the name of a grassroots Congressional lobbying campaign planned by the Space Exploration Alliance in July, according to a National Space Society press release. The NSS had already planned a “legislative conference” for July 11-13, where society members would have met with Congressional staffers to discuss space issues; this conference will now be focused on getting NASA’s FY05 budget request fully funded so that the exploration program can get underway. The effort will be patterned after the long-running March Storm program by ProSpace (another member of the Alliance): one day of training for participants, followed by two days of lobbying on the Hill. (I have to admit, though, when I heard the term “Moon-Mars Blitz”, the first thing that came to mind was the song “Ballroom Blitz”, which in term conjured up memories of the movie “Wayne’s World”. Now I have a mental image of Wayne and Garth wandering the halls of Capitol Hill. Party on!)

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