More on Weiner’s asteroid bill

A follow up to yesterday’s note about new asteroid search legislation:

A bit of searching turned up this New York Daily News article from last Friday, the day after Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) announced he plans to introduce legislation to provide funding for asteroid searches. The article has a few new details, such as the name of the proposed bill: the “Studying and Prevention Asteroid Collisions with Earth (SPACE) Act”. The article also cites a press release issued by Weiner’s office titled “New Legislation to stop Armageddon!!! (Well it’s a start anyway…)”.

The article also notes that Weiner is a potential candidate in next year’s New York City mayoral election, and that the proposed bill was met with a bit of ridicule by the office of current mayor Michael Bloomberg, and a “less amused” reaction from a fellow Democratic candidate. Given that the bill hasn’t yet shown up on Thomas, and that the press release mentioned in the article hasn’t appeared on the congressman’s web site, perhaps Weiner is having second thoughts because the bill didn’t “pass the communications straight-face test”?

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