Campaign '04

Your evening bunnysuitgate update

I’m sorry, but each time I thought I’ve said enough about this whole fiasco, something else keeps dragging me back into it. It appears that, hours after deleting all the Kerry photos from their web servers, NASA has restored some of them. Searching the KSC Multimedia Gallery for “Kerry” now turns up eight photos. These are all of the tour of the shuttle Kerry and his colleagues got. The images from the campaign event are missing; a reasonable choice, as I noted in my previous post. None of the eight are of Kerry crawling out of a hatch.

According to WESH-TV in Orlando, this has really surprised KSC officials:

People at the Kennedy Space Center are stunned that this could be such a persistent issue. They are in full damage-control mode, with high-level meetings and knee-jerk reactions still taking place Thursday.

At least they don’t worry about anything like this happening again: candidates will be steering clear of NASA centers for the foreseeable future after this.

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