Funding the exploration studies

Last week NASA awarded $27 million in concept studies for the Vision for Space Exploration, notably on the development of the Crew Exploration Vehicle and human missions to the Moon. One question the awards raised, though, is where the money was coming from: those studies weren’t in the original FY2004 budget, for obvious reasons, and […]

Senate hearing on the shuttle program

The full Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing Wednesday morning about the status of the space shuttle program. (There was little public notice for this hearing that I was aware of: when I checked the web site of the committee, as well as the Senate’s complete list of upcoming hearings, on Tuesday morning, there was […]

Space policy on The Space Show

Tonight’s episode of The Space Show radio program will feature an interview with space policy expert Jim Muncy. The topics of the interview weren’t mentioned in the announcement, but I assume there will be a fairly broad discussion of items such as the NASA budget and the prospects for HR3752/S.2772. The show starts at 10 […]

CBO report on NASA exploration plan

Late last week, while most of official Washington was on vacation or at the RNC (or both), the Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of the proposed budget for the Vision for Space Exploration. This is a pretty extensive analysis of the costs reported by NASA for the vision through 2020, and how these costs […]

DeLay and Paul on NASA

The Clear Lake (TX) Citizen has a couple of articles this week about politics and space. One article discusses the visit last month of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to the Univ. of Houston. DeLay apparently has high hopes for the NASA budget which don’t (as of yet) appear to be justified by events:

“We’re […]

Republican Party platform, 2004 edition

The 2004 Republican Party platform is available (although, curiously, not on the GOP’s own web site). At 48,000 words, there is a little something for everyone in it, including space advocates:

The President’s support for NASA and vision for space exploration will also enhance scientific development and technological breakthroughs.

The bad news, though, is that […]