More on comments

The comments in a previous post led to a debate over the claims made by one person regarding the sales of a recent space policy book. I have since closed the comments for that post after adding a final comment that tried to clarify the issue. However, during the time since those comments were posted I have received messages that implied the potential for legal or other action against myself and/or my employer, the Futron Corporation, for allowing such messages to be and remain posted.

I will remind all readers and discussion participants that responsibility for the content of comments lies exclusively with those who post the comments. No moderation of comments is performed in this weblog, and I am often not smart enough to judge whether a particular claim is factual or not. (Although I am flattered to find that some people think I am!) This would seem to be basic common sense, but to make it blatantly obvious I have recently added the following disclaimer to the comments section of each posting:

Note: Comments posted here represent the opinions of those writing them; their inclusion here does not imply any endorsement of their contents by the operator of this site. Those posting comments are solely responsible for their contents.

While I believe that I am on strong legal ground, I have no desire to become a test case in the courts, nor do I wish to get uninvolved parties, like my employer, into this mess. I hope that all participants and readers understand who is responsible for the contents of comments posted here, and direct any complaints or other actions accordingly. If problems persist, I may have no option short of eliminating comments altogether, or even terminating this blog. I hope it doesn’t come to that, and ask for your cooperation. Should you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, feel free to email me: I have turned off comments for this posting.

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