Chancellor O’Keefe?

Florida Today reported Saturday that NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe is a candidate to become chancellor of Louisiana State University (LSU). O’Keefe told the paper that he’s interested in the job, but didn’t mention if he has been interviewed for the position yet. The most recent meeting of the LSU chancellor search committee took place Wednesday, […]

That mysterious spy satellite program

Many Washington policy circles have been abuzz the last few days about comments made on the Senate floor Wednesday by Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) about a classified intelligence program many people speculate to be a satellite system of some kind. The program was included in the intelligence reform bill and both […]

HR 5382’s close call

How close did HR 5382 come to not passing the Senate Wednesday night? Very close, by some accounts. The bill was the last in a group of bills that the Senate passed by unanimous consent Wednesday night (although the Senate did approve one final bill supporting spectrum reallocation for Enhanced 911 services immediately before adjourning.) […]

More on DeLay and Mars

Hampton Roads (Va.) Virginian-Pilot columnist Bronwyn Lance Chester takes aim at Tom DeLay and his support for NASA’s budget in a piece published Thursday. It’s clear that Chester is not that familiar with the Vision for Space Exploration, which she refers to as “man on Mars” program or even “Project Martian Madness” even though the […]

HR 5382 lives

It’s alive! No, it’s dead. It’s alive again! It’s dead again. Alive! Dead. Alive! Dead. Alive? The roller coaster that was HR 5382 and its predecessor, HR 3752, came to an end Wednesday night when the Senate approved the bill by unanimous consent in the final two hours of the 108th Congress. As recently as […]

Congressional reaction to Hubble report

How many proponents of a robotic repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope remain in Congress in the wake of yesterday’s report by a National Academies panel that came out strongly (surprisingly so, to many) in favor of restoring a shuttle servicing mission? In a statement, House Science Committee chairman Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) promised […]

WSJ on HR 5382

In a column in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal [paid subscription required], Holman W. Jenkins Jr. lashes out at the Senate for blocking passage of HR 5382. There are not too many details in the piece not seen elsewhere, although it was interesting that he noted, quite accurately, “Thank the Internet for the fact that legislation […]

Another space policy weblog

If you can’t get enough of space policy commentary (and, really, who can?), a reader points out Prometheus, a blog hosted by the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado. While this blog is devoted to all aspects of science policy, there is a special section devoted to space policy, […]

Reading double

On yesterday the Space Foundation issued a press release about the NASA funding in the FY 2005 budget. Aren’t they a little late to the party? Not really: first of all, the omnibus budget bill, while approved by Congress on November 20, had been bottled up there until Congress could get around to removing an […]

Aeronautics vs. exploration

An editorial in Monday’s Hampton Roads (Va.) Daily Press minces few words in its assessment of the Vision for Space Exploration:

Congress’ willingness to sink billions into a controversial and ill-defined space plan, at a time when war, homeland security and escalating domestic needs have strained the budget, is sheer fiscal irresponsibility… [G]iving O’Keefe latitude […]