Spending political capital on NASA

Shortly after winning reelection, President Bush said, “I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it.” Most of the focus on where he plans to spend that capital has been on issues like Social Security and tax reform. However, in an Orlando Sentinel article Monday Bush indicated that NASA […]

NASA budget hints

How much money will NASA get in the President’s 2006 budget proposal? The original budget plan unveiled with the Vision for Space Exploration a year ago (dubbed the “sand chart”) showed NASA getting roughly five percent budget increases in FY05 and ’06. While NASA got essentially all the money it asked for in ’05, the […]

March Storm 2005

ProSpace, the citizens’ space policy advocacy group, has announced its plans for this year’s March Storm lobbying effort. The event will take place March 6-9 (Sunday through Wednesday), with training on Sunday and Congressional lobbying on Monday through Wednesday. This year’s theme is “Ready For Liftoff: First, Do No Harm”, and will cover “regulation, prizes, […]

It’s never too early…

…to start thinking about the 2008 Presidential campaign. (This is not necessarily a good thing.) This week’s issue of Newsweek reports that the “first officially unofficial” Republican candidate may be Newt Gingrich, who has published his “obligatory political manifesto”, Winning the Future. Given Gingrich’s past interest in space policy, I skimmed through the book at […]

NASA and Intel

It’s rare to hear the head of computing giant Intel talk about NASA or space policy in general, but in an interview with the magazine Industry Week Intel CEO Craig Barrett does mention NASA’s budget as part of a larger discussion of R&D spending in the US:

Additionally, there were substantial increases for the NASA […]

Too much space in Florida?

Hard to believe, but at least the Florida Senate thinks so, according to Florida Today. A Senate study found “nearly three dozen agencies, authorities and organizations” that mention space in their titles or mission statements. The Senate’s concern is that this profusion of space-related organizations may not give the state a united front. The solution? […]

Tweaking the NASA budget

Space News reports Monday that NASA is taking advantage of the authority granted by Congress to redirect funding within its 2005 budget to keep some key programs funded. Among other things, NASA reshuffled funding to provide $52 million for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter program, short of the $70 million NASA originally requested but far above […]

Can tax credits work?

That’s the question A.J. Mackenzie asks in an essay in this week’s issue of The Space Review. There have been several proposals to provide tax credits to those investing in new space ventures; as previously noted here, Ken Calvert, the incoming chair of the House Science Committee’s space subcommittee, has been pushing one such proposal […]

Orlando vs. Cleveland

Late Friday NASA announced the three sites that will be finalists for the new NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC), a 500-person back office that will consolidate the financial, human resources, and similar tasks currently handled by the individual field centers. The three finalists—Cleveland, Huntsville, and Stennis Space Center in Mississippi—were selected from a group of […]

Calvert and the space subcommittee

In Saturday’s Riverside (Calif.) Press-Enterprise (free registration required), Congressman Ken Calvert (R-CA) said he expects to be named the chair of the space and aeronautics subcommittee of the House Science Committee by the end of the month. Calvert, already a member of the subcommittee, is perhaps best known among space activists for sponsoring the “Invest […]