Mike Griffin gets some respect

I noted in my article in The Space Review last week that Michael Griffin is not yet well known outside of the space community: on Google the top result for “Michael Griffin” was an escape artist who promises “½ intensley [sic] original magic”. Fortunately, over the last week Dr. Griffin is starting to get a […]

Peter Teets retires

Earlier this week I noted that a Senate hearing would likely be one of the last where Peter Teets, the acting Air Force secretary and director of the NRO, would appear. That indeed is the case: the Defense Department announced today that Teets has submitted his resignation, effective a week from today. Teets had been […]

Fighting (perceived) center closings

NASA officials have stated on a number of occasions that they have no plans right now to close one or more of its field centers; instead, current efforts are focused on closing specific facilities at those centers. That, however, hasn’t stopped people from taking preemptive action to fight potential center closings.

The AP reported yesterday […]

Japanese space policy

The Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reports that the Japanese government is considering a rather bold new space policy for that country that would include manned space flights. (Perhaps the headline “JAXA seeks to bodily go” is really a pun rather than a typo. Then again, maybe not.) The plan, scheduled for approval later this month, […]

More on NASA job and facility cuts

The Washington Post has an article in today’s issue that goes into more details about the planned cuts both in employees and facilities at the agency’s various field centers. Besides the job cuts, which have been previously reported, the article indicates that 14 facilities at NASA field centers, including ten wind tunnels, could be closed. […]

Milspace hearing

The strategic forces subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing this afternoon on national security space policy and programs in the FY2006 budget proposal. Several witnesses, including acting Air Force Secretary Peter Teets as well as the commanders of the US Strategic Command and Air Force Space Command, are […]

House hearing on NASA aeronautics

The House Science Committee’s space and aeronautics subcommittee will hold a hearing Wednesday at 10 am on “The Future of Aeronautics at NASA”. The NASA associate administrator for aeronautics, J. Victor Lebacqz, is scheduled to testify, along with several other people from universities and organizations. Given the controversy that has surrounded proposed budget cuts to […]

Finally, a discouraging word about Griffin

For the longest time (like, about 72 hours) it seemed like no one would speak ill of the Bush Administration’s choice of Mike Griffin as NASA’s next administrator. But this is Washington, so you knew the lovefest couldn’t last forever. In his “ArmsControlWonk” weblog, Jeffrey Lewis, a research fellow at the University of Maryland’s Center […]

DeLay: death of a thousand cuts?

That’s the assessment of a front page article in Monday’s Washington Post, which notes that some Republicans are starting to become at least mildly concerned about alleged improprieties (or at least the appearance of impropriety, which can be just as damning) by the House majority leader. One Republican political consultant said the situation was “negatively […]

Space Coast public forum on NASA

Those of you in Florida’s Space Coast (from which I just returned after a brief but enjoyable trip) may be interested in a public forum scheduled for Wednesday night on “Return to Flight: A Bridge to the Future”. The forum, hosted by the newspaper Florida Today and cosponsored by the Space Foundation, will feature KSC […]