CEV lobbying

While a decision regarding who will build the Crew Exploration Vehicle is still many months in the future (although Northrop and Boeing unveiled its updated CEV design yesterday, one that closely resembles NASA’s own baseline design), the competition regarding where to build it is heating up. Florida Today reports that Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is […]

TPS on the shuttle

(Where, here, TPS means The Planetary Society and not thermal protection system.) In a statement released yesterday, the society is strongly suggesting that the shuttle should be grounded to free up funding for the exploration vision. The statement doesn’t go out and state that—if you read to the end you’ll see that they hedge their […]

Captain Ahab, White House on line one

Today’s issue of the Washington Examiner, a free DC-area newspaper, fires a shot across the bow of the Vision for Space Exploration in an editorial. Decrying the “almost Ahab-like obsession exhibited by many with regard to space travel to the moon and, ultimately, Mars”, the editorial claims that there is no support for the VSE […]

On a lighter note

While doing some other work this morning I stumbled across a web site promoting something called the “Extraterrestrial Contact Act of 2005″. It is a proposed piece of legislation that would “establish a protocol to allow public interaction with Extraterrestrial Intelligences that may make, or express a desire to make peaceful contact with the people […]

Quiet period

I’m on travel through the weekend, so posting here will be light. I trust you will all behave yourselves in the comments sections of prior posts. Well, one can only hope.

Space weapons debate fires up again

Another development that provides ammunition for the continuing debate on space weaponization: Aerospace Daily reports that the Senate version of the defense appropriations bill, approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee last week, would instruct the DoD to restore a “kill vehicle” to the Near Field Infrared Experiment (NFIRE) satellite scheduled for launch next year. The […]

A question of why, not how

In an article in this week’s issue of The Space Review, I examine the media’s reaction to the release two weeks ago of NASA’s Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESAS) report, explaining how NASA plans to send humans back to the Moon. That response, gauged by an analysis of editorials and columns, showed a significant negative […]