House hearing on NASA aeronautics

It’s not quite space, but it may be of interest to readers: the House Science Committee’s space and aeronautics subcommittee will be holding a hearing on NASA’s aeronautics program. The hearing will review two recent reports on civil aeronautics research and “will also help set the stage for the development of an overarching national aeronautics […]

Political reaction to the shuttle landing

Yesterday’s landing of the shuttle Discovery, which brought the STS-121 mission to a successful end, prompted some reactions from the President and several members of Congress:

The White House issued a short, succinct statement welcoming home the shuttle crew. “The men and women of NASA have dedicated themselves to putting our space program back on […]

More on Congressional views of US-China space relations

In this week’s issue of The Space Review I have an article about the CSIS forum on US-China space cooperation last week that I briefly summarized here. There’s some more details on how Congress views China and its space program, but also on cooperation in general. One interesting insight from the forum is that while […]

Senate committee approves NASA funding amendment

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted Thursday to approve an emergency funding amendment that would give NASA an additional $1 billion in FY 2007. The best coverage of the bill comes from Space News (subscription required), Florida Today, and ScienceNow, there are also some more general wire stories by AP and Reuters. Space News notes in […]

And yet more lobbying

The American Astronomical Society is the latest organization to issue a statement in favor of the Mikulski emergency funding amendment, which will be debated by the full Senate Appropriations Committee in a hearing starting at 2 pm this afternoon (which you should be able to hear via The text of the AAS statement follows:


More lobbying for NASA funding

In addition to the lobbying efforts noted earlier today to try and get Sen. Mikulski’s emergency NASA funding amendment passed, a couple of other organizations are making a push to win support for it. The SETI Institute sent out a special message to the subscribers of its electronic newsletter, asking them to send messages in […]

Congressional perspectives on China and its space efforts

Yesterday morning CSIS hosted a discussion on US-China space cooperation with two members of Congress, Reps. Mark Kirk and Rick Larsen, as the featured speakers. One of the more interesting comments made during the event was by Kirk, as he described how the “three tribes that run Washington”, namely the White House, Senate, and House, […]

Senate gears up for NASA budget fight

The commerce, justice, and science subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee approved Tuesday legislation that would give NASA $16.757 billion for NASA in FY2007, according to a Space News report (subscription required). (The committee press release about the bill rounded that figure up to $16.8 billion.) That’s $35 million less than what the administration requested; […]

Bush talks with astronauts

President Bush spoke Tuesday morning with the crews of the shuttle and station. NASA, which called the event a “private phone call”, only said that “the president told the astronauts that they represent the best of service and exploration, and he thanked them for the job they are doing.” The White House only offered a […]

Space Florida lifts off

Space Florida, the new state agency designed to unify Florida’s various space-related offices, officially got off the ground Monday. The public-private office, created by the state legislature earlier this year by merging several existing agencies, is focused at the moment on hiring a president, hoping to have a leader selected in the next six weeks. […]