Save the dates for 2007 Congressional lobbying efforts

The National Space Society and ProSpace have announced dates for their next space policy lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill, which will be among the first such citizen space lobbying events of the 110th Congress. The NSS plans to conduct its Space Budget Blitz 2007 on February 11-13, which should be shortly after when the FY2008 budget proposal is released. “With the new Democratic majority in Congress, American’s space program and NASA’s budget is in our hands. That’s why we need your help to make sure America’s space future is secure for generations to come.” The exact details about the event haven’t been released yet, but presumably the format will be similar to past “Space Blitz” events conducted by the NSS.

ProSpace, meanwhile, announced that its annual March Storm lobbying effort will take place March 4-7: training on Sunday the 4th, followed by Congressional visits on the 5th through the 7th. The preliminary agenda for 2007 edition of the long-running event includes near Earth objects (presumably supporting efforts to search for them, although it’s not specified), prizes competitions, ITAR reform, and “NASA/Commercial Services”.

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