Yes, another “behave yourself” post

Given the chatter associated with the most recent post, it appears it’s time for your regular admonishment about appropriate comments. Rather than repeat myself, I’ll just point to some previous posts on proper decorum. All I’ll add is that I am taking additional steps to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in the comments. Thanks for your […]

White House rebuffs space summit proposal

As you may recall, earlier this year that Sen. Barbara Mikulski called for a “space summit” with the President regarding NASA’s programs and funding. That proposal picked up bipartisan support in Congress, but no response from the White House—until now. Yesterday Sen. Mikulski announced that she had received a response, from outgoing OMB director Rob […]

Space policy in Gore’s new book

During a recent trip to a bookstore I checked out Al Gore’s latest book, The Assault on Reason. Was there anything in this wide-ranging book about space policy, perchance? There’s no entry in the index for NASA, but there is one for “Space, militarization of” (wedged in alphabetical order between Socrates and Stalin, Joseph). Gore […]

Distractions and the NASA budget

Late this afternoon the full House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to meet to take up the Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bill, the one that includes funding for NASA. [update: as noted in the comments the hearing has been postponed until further notice.] The subcommittee added about $300 million to the agency’s overall total in its […]

Shaping Clinton’s space policy

Last week the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser/issues forum in Washington, which, as noted at the time, included a breakout session on “commercial and civil aerospace”. An article in this week’s print edition of Space News (not available online) has a few more details about what took place at […]

Moon-Mars Blitz report

Earlier this week the Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) ran another Moon-Mars Blitz to win additional funding for NASA. The SEA released a report on the event late yesterday; since it doesn’t seem to be available on the NSS or SEA web sites, I’ve included the text of the release below:

Space Exploration Alliance Completes Successful […]

A step forward on the NASA budget

Space News (subscription required) reported online late yesterday that the commerce, justice and science subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee approved a $17.6-billion FY08 budget for NASA during a markup hearing on Monday. That top-line figure is about $300 million more than the president’s request (although less than what many people have been hoping and […]

Chinese and European space policy events

A couple of events this week on international space policy issues:

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is hosting tonight “A New Space Race? Chinese and American Plans for War and Peace in Orbit and Beyond”. If you’re not in Denver, you can watch a free live webcast of the event starting at 7 […]

Gingrich’s eyes still on prizes

Most readers here know that Newt Gingrich has long advocated the uses of prizes for space exploration, seeing them as more efficient than current NASA-led efforts. (Nevermind that Gingrich, when he did have considerable power as Speaker of the House in the 1990s, did little openly to promote such prizes.) Gingrich, who may or may […]

Call it a draw

If you were expecting surprises or a gotcha moment at yesterday’s joint hearing about NASA inspector general Robert Cobb, you were probably very disappointed when the three-and-a-half-hour hearing finally ended. Everyone stuck to their scripts: former OIG employees described their encounters with Cobb when they worked for him, key members of the House and Senate […]