Romney: stay the course on the Vision

Republican presidential candidate did briefly address space policy during his visit in Florida on Monday, endorsing the Vision for Space Exploration more or less by default, according to Florida Today. Beyond the general platitudes about space (“Our future is driven in large measure by our investments in technology and innovation and learning, and that’s what […]

Catch Mitt on the Space Coast

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be on Florida’s Space Coast today (right now, as a matter of fact) speaking at the Space Coast Tiger Bay Club in Melbourne; he’ll also host a town hall meeting (dubbed “Ask Mitt Anything”) in Daytona Beach this afternoon. There’s no live coverage of either event, to the best […]

In the House, Pluto is a still a planet

Earlier this week the House passed a relatively minor bill, HR 2750, the “NASA 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act”. As the name suggests, the bill authorizes the Treasury to mint a set of commemorative coins to honor NASA on its upcoming 50th anniversary. The bill was sponsored by two Houston-area representatives, Sheila Jackson-Lee and John […]

Pressing ahead on renaming NASA Dryden

Yesterday several members of California’s House delegation, including Rep. Ken Calvert, introduced legislation to rename NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center after Neil Armstrong. The legislation, HR 3245 (not yet available in Thomas), would also rename the aeronautical test range encompassing the center and Edwards AFB after Hugh Dryden. Renaming the center and the test range […]