Giuliani on the gap, Moon, Mars, and COTS

As promised, Florida Today published a “guest editorial” by Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani today, where the candidate outlines his stance on civil and commercial space policy. After leading off discussing the shuttle-CEV gap, calling it “unacceptable”, he continues with these key paragraphs:

We will maintain America’s technological advantage in space. We will send […]

Weldon to retire from Congress

Some space-related political news out of Florida that has nothing to do with the presidential campaign: Congressman Dave Weldon (R-FL) will not run for reelection in 2008, retiring after seven terms in the House. Weldon said he wanted to return to his medical practice and spend more time with his family. Weldon, whose district includes […]

Giuliani to call for NASA budget increase

Florida Today reports that Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani will call for an increase in NASA’s budget in a statement that the newspaper will publish on Saturday. (Why they’re holding the statement for publication on Saturday isn’t clear.) “An increase would do wonders without affecting 99 percent of the federal budget,” Giuliani writes in the […]

Obama still talking about using NASA to fund education

In an interview with NPR, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama discussed his educational program and how he would pay for it. And as he did when he introduced the education program in November, he said he would look to NASA to help pay for it:

Well, what we’re going to do is, we are going […]

Export control reform (sorta)

On Tuesday President Bush signed a set of directives to improve the current export control process for items on the U.S. Munitions List. While this is being called “reform” in some quarters, it’s really more of an improvement of existing processes, as outlined in a State Department fact sheet: additional funding will be allocated for […]

Defending Constellation

It’s probably too soon to be talking about the legacy of Mike Griffin as NASA administrator, since he still has about a year left on the job (assuming he doesn’t leave early or is kept on by the new administration). However, any discussion of his influence on NASA, positive or negative, in the years to […]

If space is a campaign issue, it’s a vague one

“For the first time in decades, space policy is emerging as a presidential campaign issue and, political strategists say, could become a decisive factor in the race to the White House,” starts an article yesterday in the Orlando Sentinel. The report is less of a recap of the candidates’ positions on space than the fact […]

Romney makes no money promises

Speaking to reporters after taking a tour of KSC on Monday, Republican presidential candidate expressed his support for the Vision for Space Exploration but would not commit to specific funding increases that may be needed to close the post-shuttle gap, according to reports by the Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today. According to a transcript by […]

When “unclear” is unclear

The Associated Press issued a list of major candidates’ positions on key Florida issues, which includes, as one might expect, “NASA Funding”. These are brief summaries, typically one sentence, and sometimes as short as one word. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton gets a one-word summary on the subject: “unclear”. Technically, that’s correct, since Clinton’s science policy makes […]

China, the ISS, and geopolitics

In an op-ed last week in the Los Angeles Times, former MirCorp CEO Jeffrey Manber argued that the US should allow China to participate in the International Space Station project. Allowing China to cooperate would have practical benefits (another means to access the ISS, another country to help pay for it), as well as political […]