Weldon still pushing his shuttle life extension bill

Congressman Dave Weldon (R-FL), who is retiring from Congress, is still hoping to get his legislation that would extend the life of the shuttle after 2010 passed before the end of the year. Weldon tells a local newspaper that he hopes the SPACE Act will be “passed and enacted” this year. The bill, HR 4837, […]

Griffin: “I do not want another space race”

Much of the talk of a new “space race” emerging between the United States and China has been fed by comments by NASA Administrator Mike Griffin where he said that he believed China could land humans on the Moon before the US could return. Griffin reiterated that belief in an interview with the Houston Chronicle […]

Rep. Cramer to retire

A leading backer of NASA in Congress is retiring after this year. Rep. Bud Cramer (D-AL) announced Thursday that he will not run for a tenth term. Cramer, whose district includes Huntsville and NASA Marshall, serves on the appropriations committee, although he moved off the subcommittee that oversees NASA’s budget last year.

Mars needs money

At today’s hearing on NASA’s proposed FY09 science budget, there’s likely to be some discussion on the future of NASA’s Mars exploration program, and the perception that Mars exploration may be getting a lower priority in the years to come. After the Mars Science Laboratory mission is launched next year, the next NASA Mars mission […]

Congressional shuttle spectators

Among the crowd that witnessed yesterday’s launch of the shuttle Endeavour was a congressional delegation led by House Science Technology chairman Bart Gordon and energy subcommittee chairman Nick Lampson (whose district, of course, includes JSC). Lampson and Gordon told the Houston Chronicle that they arranged for the tour in part to drum up support for […]

House hearing on NASA science Thursday

The space subcommittee of the House Science and Technology Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing Thursday afternoon on NASA’s proposed FY2009 science budget. The witnesses:

Alan Stern, NASA associate administrator for science Lenmard Fisk, chair of the Space Studies Board of the National Research Council Berrien Moore, chair of the Committee on Earth Studies […]

More on Obama’s Wyoming statement

I exchanged emails today with Greg Zsidisin, who was not only at the Obama rally yesterday in Casper, Wyoming, but asked Obama the question about space policy that was mentioned in the previous post. Greg told me exactly what he asked Obama:

“My question is about the human space program. You say you’d delay NASA’s […]

Obama: NASA “no longer associated with inspiration”

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, on the campaign trail in Casper, Wyoming, was asked a question about the space program during an event, according to “The Swamp”, a blog operated by Tribune’s Washington bureau. Obama responded that while he “believe[s] in the final frontier”, he thought NASA had lost focus and was no longer inspirational […]

Marburger responds to the Stanford workshop

In his prepared remarks Thursday at the Goddard Memorial Symposium, presidential science advisor John Marburger covered some of the same ground as he did in his speech there two years ago, where he said the debate over the Vision for Space Exploration was, at its core, “whether we want to incorporate the Solar System in […]

March Storm agenda: COTS, NEOs, and SSP

The grassroots space lobbying group ProSpace has released its agenda for March Storm 2008, which starts with training this weekend. The agenda focuses on three keys areas: Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS), detection of near Earth objects (NEOs), and space solar power (SSP). Its biggest requests are in COTS: ProSpace is asking for two more […]