A not-so-secret document

Secrecy News, a blog run by the Federation of American Scientists, reported Tuesday that the text of NSPD-31 has been released. What is NSPD-31? It’s National Security Presidential Directive 31, titled “U.S. Space Exploration Policy”, dated January 14, 2004, the day President Bush unveiled the Vision for Space Exploration. The document had not been publicly […]

The latest salvos

(Sorry for the travel-induced delay)

On Monday Republican presidential candidate John McCain, as scheduled, spoke with a group of “government, business and space industry leaders” on the Space Coast about space issues, including the Shuttle-Constellation gap and its effects on the region. Those looking for a new policy pronouncement from the candidate were disappointed, as […]

Overviews and updates

In this week’s edition of The Space Review, I provide an overview of some of the space policy developments of the last week, including the McCain and Obama documents and the Garver-Cunningham debate. If you’ve been reading the posts here, there will not be much in the way of new information (other than some additional […]

Obama’s detailed space policy

Sorry to be a little late in the game on this (I’ve been traveling and dealing with flaky Internet access at a hotel) but the Obama campaign today formally released comprehensive space policy. By comprehensive: the document runs just over six full pages, and covers a wide range of issues. Some highlights:

He formally signs […]

McCain’s “dead-end plan for NASA”

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is scheduled to speak in Florida’s Space Coast on Monday, with space policy likely to be among the topics he addresses. Among those looking forward to the speech are the editorial writers at Florida Today, who complain about “his deafening silence about the agency’s post-shuttle moon exploration plans” in an […]

Initial thoughts from the Mars Society debate

The transportation gods were smiling on me Thursday, and I was able to make it to Boulder just in time for Thursday evening’s space policy debate at the annual Mars Society Convention at the University of Colorado. The debate pitted Lori Garver, representing the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, with Apollo 7 astronaut […]

Whither the NRO?

A Congressionally-mandated commission studying US national security space policy is recommending significant changes to how military and intelligence space efforts are run, AviationWeek.com reported today. The Allard Commission, named after retiring Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO), who pushed for the commission, is calling for a major reorganization that would result in the abolition of the National […]

Blame McCain?

So who is responsible for the looming five-year (or more) gap in US government human space access between the retirement of the shuttle and the introduction of Constellation? President Bush, for introducing the Vision in 2004 that had, as an inherent part of it, the gap? NASA, for failing to be able to close the […]

Russia, Georgia, and the ISS

Early this month the Orlando Sentinel reported that a planned extension of NASA’s exemption of the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act (INKSNA) was in jeopardy in Congress. The current exemption, which allows NASA to buy Progress and Soyuz flight services from Russia, expires in 2011; NASA sought an extension for Soyuz flights only, […]

Another space policy debate

The Mars Society is hosting its annual convention later this week in Boulder, Colorado, and one of the highlights of the event is going to be a debate on the space policies of the presidential candidates, similar to the one held during the ISDC in Washington in late May. Representing the Obama campaign will be […]