Senator Obama endorses INKSNA waiver extension

While the Obama campaign issued a statement Monday generally supporting a wide variety of options for dealing with the Shuttle-Constellation gap, Senator Obama is being a little more specific. In a letter from Obama’s Senate office to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Obama explicitly calls for an extension of NASA’s […]

Shuttle vs. Soyuz? Obama says yes

The Orlando Sentinel reports this morning that the Obama campaign has issued a brief statement on how it would close the gap in ISS access between the shuttle’s retirement and the introduction of Constellation. The statement, in response to a question by the newspaper about his stance on an extension of NASA’s INKSNA waiver, doesn’t […]

No “flexibility” in McCain budget freeze

There have been conflicting statements about how sort of NASA budgets John McCain would propose if elected president. His space policy proposes to “Commit to funding the NASA Constellation program to ensure it has the resources it needs”, and other statements suggest that he would at least be amenable to additional NASA funding. However, his […]

Weldon sounds off on INKSNA

Congressman Dave Weldon (R-FL), who has emerged as at least the most vocal opponent of Congressional efforts to extend NASA’s INKSNA waiver, lays out his position in an op-ed in Friday’s Orlando Sentinel. There’s not much there that he hasn’t said previously, particularly when he vowed to “pull every lever I have” to block the […]

Another space weaponization report

On Thursday the Council on Foreign Relations released a report on US-China competition in space, with a particular emphasis on the threat posed by space weaponization. Unlike some other reports that call for a blanket ban on space weapons, the “China, Space Weapons, and U.S. Security” report acknowledges that “some degree of offensive space capability […]

No space debate for you

Did you know there’s going to be a space policy debate tomorrow in Washington? No? That’s okay, because you’re probably not invited anyway, the Orlando Sentinel reported late today. The Thursday event, organized by the Aerospace Industries Association, will feature some familiar people: Lori Garver, representing the Obama campaign; and Floyd DesChamps for the McCain […]

Could D- be a passing grade for shuttle life extension?

One of the key arguments against proposals to extend the life of the space shuttle beyond 2010 is that it only solves part of the problem with access to the ISS. The shuttle can ferry crews to and from the station, but it cannot remain on station for extended periods to serve the “lifeboat” role […]

A space solar power caucus in Congress?

In this week’s issue of The Space Review, I write about a recent step forward in space solar power research, the successful long-rest test of microwave power transmission in Hawaii that was featured on the Discovery Channel last week. Most of the press conference last Friday that announced this “breakthrough” focused on the actual accomplishment […]

Is the Air Force neglecting space?

That’s the argument made by Jim Armor in an article in this week’s issue of The Space Review. He has considerable experience on this issue: he is a retired two-star general whose last position before retiring less than a year ago was as director of the National Security Space Office (NSSO). “[D]espite Air Force protestations […]

Science Debate answers cover familiar ground

Earlier this year Science Debate 2008, a group trying to put together a debate among presidential candidates devoted exclusively to science policy, issued a set of 14 questions to the campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama that they hoped to get answered in lieu of an actual debate. One of those 14 dealt with […]