Florida Today wants a NASA administrator now

In an editorial today, Florida Today asks the Obama Administration to name a new NASA administrator as soon as possible. How soon? “We urge him to make the announcement this week because there’s no more time to waste.” The paper appears concerned that, without an administrator, “it’s hurting the agency’s ability to gain a fair […]

Space security hearing rescheduled

The hearing on space security by the House Armed Services Committee Strategic Forces subcommittee that had been scheduled for last week but postponed has been rescheduled, according to the committee’s web site. The hearing is now scheduled for this Wednesday, the 18th, at 1 pm in 2212 RHOB. The lineup of witnesses remains the same.


Seeking details, like the rest of us

Last last week the Republican caucus of the House Science and Technology Committee released its views on relevant portions of the president’s FY10 budget, including a few paragraphs on NASA’s budget. The members are, by and large, pleased with the budget, with one caveat: a lack of details on what the administration’s plans really are. […]

Rep. Griffith, let’s introduce you to ITAR

The keynote speaker at Friday’s Space Economy Symposium, held at the US Chamber of Commerce headquarters in downtown Washington, was Congressman Parker Griffith (D-AL), whose committee assignments include the House Science and Technology Committee’s space subcommittee and the Small Business Committee. That combination appeared to make sense given the subject matter of the half-day […]

Another NASA administrator candidate blocked? Maybe

The Orlando Sentinel reports this afternoon that Sen. Bill Nelson and some colleagues have “taken down” the potential nomination of Steve Isakowitz as NASA administrator before the former NASA comptroller could even be formally nominated. Nelson and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison reportedly opposed the proposed nomination because of Isakowitz’s role, as CFO of the Department […]

Illinois stands up for Pluto

The Illinois Senate, fresh off its conviction of former governor Rod Blagojevich in his impeachment trial, has taken a stand on another controversial issue: whether Pluto should be a planet. Really. Late last month the state senate passed SR0046, designates today, March 13, “Pluto Day”, in honor of the 79th anniversary of the announcement of […]

Congress loves Mars more than math

On Wednesday Congress passed H.Res. 67, a simple resolution honoring those involved with NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers mission for their work on the twin spacecraft that remain active on Mars, more than five years after landing there, and “recognizes the success and significant scientific contributions of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers.” The bill, hardly controversial, breezed […]

Republicans who want to spend more (on NASA)

In an op-ed that appeared in Thursday’s edition of The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper, Congressman Ralph Hall (R-TX), ranking member of the House Science and Technology Committee, makes the case for increasing NASA’s budget. The arguments he makes in favor of NASA are pretty standard: the US needs to stay ahead of encroaching international […]

Obama’s curious NASA comments

The Orlando Sentinel’s Mark Matthews had an opportunity to ask President Obama about the future of the shuttle program during a briefing with a small group of reporters today, asking him why he decided to keep the 2010 retirement date for the shuttle in his FY2010 budget outline. Obama’s response is a little disjointed (not […]

It’s all your fault, Bill

The shuttle is still scheduled to retire in 2010, with a several-year gap to follow until Ares 1 and Orion are ready to enter service. As a result, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of jobs at the Kennedy Space Center and the surrounding Space Coast region are in jeopardy during one of the worst […]