Briefly: Sentinel endorses Nelson; the Science Guy stumps for Obama in Florida

The Orlando Sentinel endorsed Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) for reelection on Sunday over his Republican challenger, Connie Mack IV. The editorial cited Nelson’s role as “a champion for NASA and Florida’s role in the U.S. space program” in its decision. “A law he co-authored in 2010 wisely extended the life of the International Space Station […]

Houston Chronicle cites space policy in its Romney endorsement

On Sunday, the Houston Chronicle formally endorsed Mitt Romney for president, four years after the paper had endorsed Barack Obama. The Chronicle’s editorial focused on a few major issues, including its disappointment with the Obama Administration’s approach to space:

It has been an insult to the memory of American heroes like Neil Armstrong and […]

Mack echoes the “no plan” criticism of NASA

A day after Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan claimed “we have effectively no plan” for NASA under the Obama Administration, a Republican candidate for the Senate in Florida offered similar criticism of current national space policy.

Speaking to reporters in Titusville, Florida, after a closed-door meeting with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space […]

Ryan: “we have effectively no plan” for space under Obama Administration

During a town hall-style campaign stop Thursday in Ocala, Florida, Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan was asked what a Romney administration would do for NASA. As reported by The Hill, Ryan used the question to criticize the Obama Administration’s space policy—or, in his view, the lack thereof:

“The Obama administration came in […]

The Planetary Society looks ahead to planetary science funding in the 2014 budget

The space advocacy organization The Planetary Society has been pushing for months to try and undo the proposed cuts in NASA’s planetary science program in the 2013 budget proposal the administration released earlier this year. While the results of those efforts are yet to be determined—Congress has yet to pass a final 2013 appropriations bill […]

In the race for the Space Coast’s House seat, few details about space

Thanks to redistricting, Florida’s Space Coast region will be within a single House district in the next Congress, currently represented by Republican Rep. Bill Posey (for the last decade it had been split into two districts, with Posey representing the southern half and, most recently, Sandy Adams (R-FL) representing the northern part.) So it’s not […]

O’Keefe: president still defining NASA’s mission

The Syracuse Post-Standard published an interview Monday with former NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe that touched upon a variety of issues, including his thoughts about NASA. O’Keefe reflected on the highs (landing Spirit and Opportunity on Mars) and lows (the Columbia accident) during his three-year tenure at the agency. O’Keefe then fielded a question about NASA’s […]

Campaign tidbits: seeking more details

After Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave a speech in Orlando where he briefly discussed space, a local television station, WKMG, sought more details from him about what a Romney Administration might do in space, but didn’t learn much. “We want to engage with NASA, commercial technology, the private sector, and our national security to […]

Gingrich offers a lukewarm endorsement of Romney’s space policy

It’s been almost exactly eight months since former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, running for the Republican presidential nomination, offered his own vision for America’s future in space in a campaign stop in Cocoa, Florida, including establishing a lunar base by 2020 that might, eventually, lead to statehood. While that proposal was ridiculed in […]

Obama campaign criticizes Ryan speech

On Saturday, coinciding with the release of the campaign’s space policy, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan mentioned space during a speech in Orlando. In the brief discussion of space, Ryan said that he and Mitt Romney “believe we need a mission for NASA” and criticized the “broken promises” of President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Obama’s […]