Rooting for rover failure?

After reading this CounterPunch.org article, you have to wonder if some people are actually hoping Spirit won’t be revived, for no reason other than blunt the president’s new space initiative…

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  • One needn’t read that rant to raise such a question. Surely, many hate Bush enough for whatever reasons that they would really rather cut off their own noses rather than… well, the space program is just one of the most innocuous victims of the irrational hatred of anything Bush.

    In the same diatribe, I notice they refer to Bush as “willfully ignorant and unscientifically minded man”; suggest anything his administration (apparantly wholly composed of one man, Carl Rove) might do in science and with NASA is only cynical electioneering; and continue to show their own willfull ignorance of the facts of NASA budgeting and how a shift in programs and coordination can make a lot of progress without a lot of money … well, as I’ve said here and elsewhere, even science is never above the fray. It’s just as vulnerable to personal, cultural, and political biases and agendas as anything else … like ones ex-wife or abortion.

  • Anaxagoras

    I had read the article and came to the same conclusion. Radical BUsh haters oppose the new space initiative simply because Bush has proposed it. This shoulodn’t be too surprising.

    On the other hand, if this were all going on during the Clinton administration, I would expect to see similar rants from hard-core Republicans.

    There are good and bad liberals and good and bad conservatives. My own personal opinion is that politicians who support space exploration are good, while politicians who oppose space exploration are bad. I could not possibly care less what they think about school uniforms or the Confederate flag.

  • Politics today is petty and filled with the same vulgarity so apparent in the wretched underworld of entertainment industry. The whole thing is amplified by a public who is misinformed about the world around them and doesn’t care that they are. Space has a way of magnifying the problem for me.

    There is a reason I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. These parties are obsolete. Political parties are like religions in some ways; people are very reticent to shed the ways of the past in an effort to effectively meet the challenges of the future.