Kerry space discussion group

For those interested in discussing Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s positions on space policy, there is a new discussion group at Yahoo called, logically enough, kerryspace devoted to the topic. The group apparently just formed and has only a handful of members and messages to date, but it may be a place to turn with […]

House vote on HR 3752 expected next month

According to ProSpace, HR 3752, the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, will go to the floor of the House for a vote the first week of March. It appears unlikely the bill will face any serious obstacles to passage: it’s considered relatively non-controversial and has the support of the leading Republicans and Democrats […]

Ten myths about the Bush space plan

At a panel discussion Tuesday night at Georgetown Law School, Jim Muncy of PoliSpace provided a top ten list of myths about the Bush space plan, provided below in a slightly-paraphrased form from my notes:

10) The Bush agenda is responsible for killing Hubble. 9) It leaves us dependent on the Russians. 8) It’s a […]

Privatizing space exploration

Yesterday a Senate subcommittee, holding a hearing in Houston, heard testimony from people who advocated privatizing, at least to some degree, NASA’s space exploration programs. A Houston Chronicle article includes this passage:

So far, NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity robotic missions to Mars have produced a record 6 billion “hits” on the agency’s Web sites since […]

Aldridge Commission confirms meeting dates

As noted here earlier today, the Aldridge Commission is planning a series of public hearings around the US. The commission issued a press release today confirming those plans, including both the dates and locations. Interestingly, the press release is dated February 16—Monday, and also a federal holiday—but the press release didn’t appear on its web […]

Yet another Washington space policy event

Women in Aerospace is hosting a panel discussion next week titled “The President’s New Vision: The U.S. Civil Space Exploration Program”. Confirmed speakers include people from the National Research Council and Senate Appropriations Commitee, with NASA and OMB officials also invited but not yet confirmed. The event is scheduled for Thursday, February 26, from 5:30-7:30pm […]

The Aldridge Commission’s US tour

The Dayton Daily News reports Wednesday that the next public hearing by the Aldridge Commission will take place in that Ohio town on March 3-4. Dayton, home of the Air Force Museum, was selected because it is a Midwestern city that can “reach a cross-section” of the US population, according to a spokeswoman. The article […]

Video of first Aldridge Commission hearing available

The Aldridge Commission now has on its web site video from the first public hearing last week in Washington. The video is all in RealPlayer format and is divided into several segments. So, if you couldn’t attend the hearing or watch the live webcast, you can catch what you missed.

Space hearings on the road

On Tuesday night the NBA’s Washington Wizards will be in Houston to take on the Rockets. On Wednesday morning another group of visitors from Washington will be in Houston to deal with rockets and other space issues. The Senate Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on science, technology, and space will be holding a hearing Wednesday morning in […]

Dennis Kucinich and Mars

An brief “article” from the satricial publication The Chortler proclaims “Dennis Kucinich Takes Commanding Early Lead in Mars Primary”. The idea isn’t that novel: a cartoon in a recent issue of The New Yorker portrayed the results of the “Mars Primary”, with Kucinich taking 93% (the other candidates all got 1% or less in the […]