Campaign '04

Journeys with John

The reelection web site for President Bush has introduced a new feature, “Journeys with John”, that attempts to show on a state-by-state basis why John Kerry is wrong on some of the issues. For Florida (one of only two states included to date) one of the topics is titled “Cutting NASA Funding”:

In 1995, Kerry Introduced A Bill That Included Termination Of International Space Station Program. Kerry’s budget bill, which included defense and intelligence cuts, sought to cut $11 billion from the International Space Station Program, thus terminating it. The bill had no co-sponsors and never made it to the floor for a vote.

The section refers to S.1290, a bill introduced by Kerry in September 1995 that called for a wide range of defense and other discretionary program cuts to reduce the deficit, including “Terminate the International Space Station Program”. The bill was referred to committee, where it died. As noted previously, Kerry had been an opponent of the space station program through the mid-1990s. However, not surprisingly, the snippet on the Bush site doesn’t point out that more recently (after about 1996), Kerry has supported the ISS program.

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