Aldridge Commission roundup

A few notes related to the Aldridge Commission:

  • The best coverage of the commission’s public hearing in San Francisco last week comes, not surprisingly, from the San Francisco Chronicle, which published an article on Monday about the full-day session on Friday. The article touches on most of the topics raised during the hearing, including some of the public comments.
  • An AP article about the half-day session on Thursday contained an interesting observation: “fewer than three dozen people showed up to hear testimony, including commission staff members and reporters.” Neither the Chronicle article about Friday’s hearing, nor other articles, give a head count.
  • The location of the final public hearing in New York, scheduled for May 3-4, has been moved. It was to take place at the Hayden Planetarium (whose director, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, is on the commission), but will now take place at The Asia Society on Park Avenue and 70th Street. No reason was given for the change but the most logical reason would be to accommodate a larger audience: the planetarium could handle only a couple hundred of people in a single place, according to sources, while the Asia Society boasts about its new museum that includes an auditorium and conference facilities, including videoconferencing equipment.
  • Congratulations are in order for commission member Maria Zuber, who has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences this week.

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