Aldridge Commission roundup

A few notes related to the Aldridge Commission:

The best coverage of the commission’s public hearing in San Francisco last week comes, not surprisingly, from the San Francisco Chronicle, which published an article on Monday about the full-day session on Friday. The article touches on most of the topics raised during the hearing, including some […]

Space politics meets state politics

The newspaper Florida Today ran an editorial cartoon over the weekend that portrays a man, labeled “Florida Space Authority” (FSA), playing an arcade game called “Space Investors”, desperately seeking quarters from two onlookers (representing the state legislature and taxpayers) to keep playing the game. A lot of quarters: $94 million worth. An earlier editorial from […]

House Appropriations hearing on NASA budget

The VA-HUD-Independent agencies subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesday on the NASA budget in Rayburn 2359. (According to the committee’s web site the hearing is scheduled at 10 am; reports that it is scheduled for 1 pm, although that may be based on older information.) NASA Administrator […]

Kerry and (Jeb) Bush

The Associated Press reports that Florida Governor Jeb Bush made some comments about John Kerry and space policy during a speech he gave in Miami Beach claiming that Kerry has been on both sides of a number of issues:

Bush said Kerry also has been against space exploration and voted against an overseas citrus marketing, […]

Another space coalition in the works?

I’ve heard from a well-placed source that there is an effort underway to craft a new coalition of organizations that will support the new space exploration plan. Unlike the Coalition for Space Exploration, whose membership is composed primarily of aerospace companies, this loose association will be mostly made up of advocacy organizations. (Getting these groups […]

AIAA International Policy Seminar update

The AIAA has updated its schedule for the International Policy Seminar, a free forum on primarily space issues this Wednesday, April 21. The one significant change is that the event will now be held in Rayburn 2318, the House Science Committee hearing room; the shift was warranted by the “high number of responses” for this […]

Legislation update

It’s been a relatively quiet period for space policy issues recently, so now’s a good chance to catch up on some legislation and resolutions that have been discussed here in the past:

H.Res. 550, the House resolution calling for an independent evaluation of NASA’s decision to cancel the last shuttle servicing mission to Hubble, now […]

Blue States, Red Planet

Rand Simberg at Transterrestrial Musings has noted the creation of a new space policy weblog: Democrats for Mars. The purpose of the site is “to convince space supporters that this year’s Republican candidate is not their friend. And to convince the Democrats to set their sites [sic] on the starts [sic].” There’s not much else […]

Speakers for next Aldridge Commission hearing announced

The President’s Commission on Moon, Mars, and Beyond (aka the Aldridge Commission) has issued a press release about, and schedule for, its next public hearing later this week in San Francisco. The hearing features a hodgepodge of topics, from entertainment and education to propulsion and “space prosperity”. The schedule doesn’t appear to be quite complete […]

The feminization of American space policy

This is the title of an essay by Dwayne Day published in this week’s issue of The Space Review. In the article he notes that space policy, like much of the rest of American politics, has seen a shift from “masculine” language like leadership to “feminine” language, where, as he puts it, “virtually all policies […]