Administrivia: a request for comment civility

While I appreciate a spirited debate on space policy topics as much as anyone, the exchange of comments in a few recent posts has taken on a more negative tone among several participants. Please, folks, discuss and debate the topics, not level attacks on one another. Let’s at least act like adults…

2 comments to Administrivia: a request for comment civility

  • Mark Zinthefer

    Jeff, have you considered moving the site to slash? It allows a comment format that let’s flamewars to spin off under one topic rather than being interspersed as part of one long comment list. Plus you can moderate with a little more granularity. I can’t really expect that a politically charged discussion is going to exclude harsh comments.

    Besides, adults are just kids who didn’t die of a childhood disease. Sometimes, they get a little education in there too.

  • Jason Rhian

    I agree, I have to say that I am surprised to see people in the space community give up on a concrete initiative to support a vague “if” with no concrete info. I hate to say it but mention Zubrin, Kerry and Bush in one topic an thats an explosive combo. (That was the topic I noted the most “heat” from.)