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Weldon and Feeney rebut Glenn

In a column in Friday’s issue of Florida Today, Congressmen Dave Weldon (R-FL) and Tom Feeney (R-FL), who represent the Space Coast, respond to John Glenn’s column of a day earlier on Kerry’s space policy. The response is pretty predictable, although I think they could do better than this line in response to Glenn’s statements on shuttle and station: “Exactly where Glenn gets his facts we do not know.” Somehow, I think Glenn has a closer connection to the Kerry campaign than either Weldon or Feeney.

Near the end of the editorial the two Congressmen refer to Weldon’s campaign web site, which features a press release blasting Kerry’s record on space, with a record of Kerry’s votes against the space station through 1996. (Not surprisingly, it omits those votes in favor of ISS Kerry cast in 1997 and 1998.)

3 comments to Weldon and Feeney rebut Glenn

  • Keith Cowing

    Unlike Glenn who was free to write whatever he wished, Fenney and Weldon were only allowed a limited number of words to reply – 200 as I am told.

  • The Washington Times has published an editorial on space policy, two days before the election:

    Bush’s bold space policy
    October 31, 2004

    “The election on Nov. 2 will have many far-reaching implications, not the least of which is mankind’s fledgling reach into space.”

    “The contrasts are stark. A Kerry administration would delay — if not doom — America’s reach into space.”

    It’s not a perfect editorial, but it gets the main points right: there is a big difference between the two space policies in this election, and only Bush will provide a good future for space exploration and human spaceflight.

  • Jim Rohrich

    Gee, I wonder how Mr. Glenn feels today?