Bad news, good news

The bad news is that the Senate did not take up HR 5382 before adjourning after midnight Saturday. HobbySpace reports that while the bill was track to be handled by the Senate Saturday night, a hold was placed on the bill, although it’s not clear whether this was a simple administrative maneuver or if a […]

HR 5382 passes the House

The House did get around to HR 5382 this afternoon and the bill passed on a roll-call vote, 269-120. The vote fell to some degree among party lines: only two Republicans voted against the bill, Reps. Charles Bass (R-NH) and Don Young (R-AK). (Interestingly, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), the only member to vote against HR […]

Barney Frank and Mars

I was watching C-SPAN this morning (ok, I had C-SPAN on while doing other things), which broadcast a floor debate on the omnibus budget bill. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) threw this in during his comments on the bill:

They [budget negotiators] did give into the Administration and there’s money to go to Mars. And, maybe, […]

Last call for HR 5382

Alan Boyle (who has been following the HR 3752/5382 debate as closely as anyone outside those directly involved in the process) offers an update on the status of the bill in his Cosmic Log weblog. Supporters of HR 5382 tried to get the bill passed by unanimous consent on the House floor Friday afternoon but, […]

Extra money for NASA?

The AP reports that final negotiations over the FY2005 budget may have resulted in some extra money for NASA. According to the report, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay won an extra $300 million for the space agency—part of an increase in the across-the-board cuts on other non-defense and non-homeland security programs from 0.75 to 0.83 […]

HR 3752/5382 update

MSNBC’s Alan Boyle has a detailed update on the status of the bill formerly known as HR 3752: “formerly known” because the version that House and Senate negotiators compromised on now has a new designation, HR 5382. As of late Wednesday the bill appeared dead, at least in the eyes of the House Science Committee, […]

NASA’s budget: $15.9 billion?

Space News [subscription required] reported late Wednesday that House and Senate budget negotiators have agreed to give NASA $15.9 billion in FY2005. That amount is less than the $16.2 billion that President Bush originally requested, as well as the $16.4 billion the Senate Appropriations Committee proposed (a figure that includes $800 million in emergency funding), […]

HR 5245 passes

The same House Science Committee press release that notes the demise of HR 3752 has a bit of good news. The Senate passed by unanimous consent late Tuesday HR 5245, a bill that would extend commercial launch indemnification for five years. This is of considerable interest to the existing commercial launch industry, which has claimed […]

RIP HR 3752. Or not?

The last couple of days have been a roller coaster, to put it mildly. On Tuesday, as reported here, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said publicly that HR 3752 was not dead and, in fact, a final deal was likely by the end of the day Wednesday. However, things apparently took a turn for the worse later […]

Movement on HR 3752?

Besides taking care of the FY2005 budget, the lame-duck session is the last chance for this Congress to pass HR 3752, the Commercial Space Transportation Amendments Act. Regular readers know about the ups and downs of this legislation, but in some introductory comments at Tuesday’s presentation by Peter Diamandis on Capitol Hill, outgoing space subcommittee […]