Another NASA administrator candidate

The AP reports that another candidate has emerged for the NASA administrator position: Edward Markle, a Loyola Law School graduate and commercial pilot. Markle has the backing of three Louisiana Congressmen; one of them, Richard Baker (R-LA), said that Markle’s “litigation strategies and leadership skills” qualified him to lead the space agency. Yes, folks, that’s exactly what NASA needs to be able to carry out the Vision for Space Exploration: litigation strategies.

5 comments to Another NASA administrator candidate

  • If the accounts of the President’s personal interest in the Moon-Mars initiative are to be believed, I really don’t see him signing off on such a candidate unless he’s very distracted that day.

  • Dogsbd

    I don’t know, a skilled litigator might come in handy in dealing with Congress. :-)

  • It’s because they’re all lawyers.

    Lawyers can tell other good lawyers, but when it comes to administrators with a science/engineering background they couldn’t tell Hap Arnold from Dilbert’s Boss.

    Scientists and engineers need to be more politically involved.

  • TORO

    NASA needs a godfather, who realizes it is difficult and dangerous to be such a good, good man, and someone who realizes that killing astronauts is like killing cops – dime a dozen or not, when we kill ‘em its just bad for business, you know.

  • Ryan

    He also carry’s a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona