House approves budget

By the very wide margin of 418-7, the full House passed HR 2862, the appropriations bill that includes $16.5 billion for NASA. There were no other NASA-related amendments posed during the final hours of debate on the bill. Needless to say, NASA administrator Michael Griffin is happy to get the budget passed. Now it’s on to the Senate, which appears to be in no particularly hurry to take up its version of the appropriations bill.

2 comments to House approves budget

  • Jim Muncy


    Actually, the Senate Appropriations Committee is marking up their Commerce, Justice, and Science bill next Tuesday in subcommittee and Thursday in full committee. So they are moving very quickly also.

    The key questions, of course, are what it will say — the allocation was good — and what amendments it will face on the Senate floor.

  • Jeff Foust

    Thanks, Jim. I did not see those hearings on the calendar when I wrote that entry Thursday evening; either they were added afterwards or (more likely) I simply overlooked them.