A murky transparency

The Russian news agencies Interfax and RIA Novosti both report that the Russian Foreign Ministry has submitted a draft resolution to the UN regarding “transparency and confidence-building measures in space exploration”. Interfax quotes a ministry statement as follows:

[T]he development of a set of transparency and confidence-building measures regarding space exploration by the international community would enhance predictability in this sector, and could become a consolidating factor for all states as regards space exploration. The initiative could also help devise a careful and responsible approach to the further exploration and utilization of outer space.

So what exactly does that all mean? It all sounds very vague, but another quote is a bit more enlightening: “Our goal is to improve international security and preserve peace in space both for ourselves and for future generations.” While I could not find a copy of this draft resolution on the UN’s web site, it appears to be another push by Russia (probably with the support of China and perhaps other nations) on banning space weaponization.

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