Have breakfast with Bart Gordon

The Space Transportation Association is holding a breakfast Friday morning with Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN), the ranking Democrat on the House Science Committee, as the featured speaker. Congressman Gordon will be speaking on “Congressional Perspectives on NASA and the Space Exploration Vision”. The breakfast starts at 8 am (networking at 7:30 am) in Rayburn House Office Building B-340. RSVP with Rich Coleman if you’re interested in attending; unlike past STA breakfasts there is no registration fee. Alas, I will be out of town Friday and unable to attend. Perhaps any readers who are planning to attend can comment afterwards on what the Congressman had to say.

2 comments to Have breakfast with Bart Gordon

  • No thank you! Even if I could go to Washington for this, I have heard enough from Congress about the merits of human spaceflight at NASA.

    But on Monday I did go to a really fun talk by Doug Osheroff about the Columbia accident and his experiences on the CAIB. (His talk was a plain old physics colloquium here at UC Davis.) Osheroff was not there to talk about human spaceflight in general, only about shuttle safety. But he is a man of discernment and his talk settled many fine points of the debate.

  • Paul Dietz

    Osheroff gave a talk on the Columbia investigation at FNAL in 2003 that’s available in streaming video from the Fermilab web site.