Sen. Hutchison on space exploration policy

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is hosting a talk on Tuesday, May 23, by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), titled “Exploration and the Future of U.S. Leadership in Space.” According to the talk’s description, Hutchison’s speech will encompass “the future of the International Space Station, its role in the Vision for Space […]

SpaceX strikes out in court

[For some reason this got published with the wrong title this morning. I’d like to blame some technical error, but it was most likely human error induced by caffeine deprivation.]

A federal judge last week dismissed an amended antitrust lawsuit against the United Launch Alliance filed by SpaceX, the Space Law Probe blog reports. (See […]

Dana Rohrabacher, screenwriter

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is best known to readers as a strong advocate of space commercialization in particular. But did you know that he’s also—like seemingly about every other person in southern California—an aspiring screenwriter? Or, perhaps, was an aspiring screenwriter: he announced yesterday that he would return $23,000 he received from convicted producer Joseph Medawar […]

The loss of a “potent ally”

That’s what NASA is facing with next month’s resignation of Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), according to the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill. His departure “could bolster DeLay’s opponents on space exploration” and other matters, the article claims. That’s probably a bit of a stretch, since unlike other hot-button issues (or perhaps simply “unlike hot-button issues”, […]

The challenge of raising NASA’s budget

An article in this week’s issue of Space News (no subscription required) identifies the key problem NASA backers face in their efforts to add a billion or more dollars to NASA’s FY07 budget: the extra money is not in the overall budget allocation for the appropriations subcommittee that has jurisdiction over NASA. The article notes […]

Off with NOAA’s head

That’s the cry of two leading Democrats on the House Science Committee, who announced Monday that they want the president to remove Conrad Lautenbacher as the administrator of NOAA. Full committee ranking member Bart Gordon (D-TN) and David Wu (D-OR), ranking member of the environment, technology, and standards subcommittee, said they want Lautenbacher and John […]

Gingrich: space development, yes; NASA, not so much

In this week’s issue of The Space Review Gregory Anderson has a short interview with former House Speaker (and potential 2008 presidential candidate) Newt Gingrich. Gingrich, as most readers know, has had a long interest in space, which is still the case in the interview, and has been a proponent of more activity by the […]

Space diplomacy

Has the US entered a “new era of space diplomacy”? That’s the claim of an AP article that tried to tie together the recent US-India accord to fly NASA instruments on India’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission as well as plans for NASA administrator Mike Griffin to travel to China later this year. James Lewis of the […]

Boeing-DOJ deal

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports this morning that Boeing and the Justice Department have reached a settlement involving federal investigations of impropriety by the company, including its launch business. (For those who don’t have subscription, check the free Reuters and MarketWatch articles.) Under the agreement, Boeing would pay $615 million to close […]

Tom DeLay says goodbye, and good luck

Ronald Reagan looks out over Tom DeLay—literally, at the very least—during DeLay’s speech Thursday morning.

Rep. Tom DeLay, just weeks away from his retirement from the House, was the speaker at a Space Transportation Association breakfast Thursday morning. His comments were brief, and largely looked back on the accomplishments that he, the Bush Administration, and […]