Congressional reaction, or lack thereof. to shuttle launch decision

NASA’s decision to proceed with the July 1 launch of the shuttle Discovery on STS-121, despite the objections of two key officials, has attracted a good deal of media attention. However, in looking through the various news reports, I haven’t seen any comments from members of Congress, although they have not been shy in the […]

Full House committee approves NASA budget

The full House Appropriations Committee approved a budget bill Tuesday that includes $16.7 billion for NASA. Florida Today reports that the portion of the bill dealing with NASA was unchanged from what the subcommittee passed last week. The full House will take up the budget bill at some point, while the Senate has yet to […]

ULA: light at the end of the tunnel?

And no, it doesn’t appear to be an approaching train. Officials with Lockheed Martin and Boeing confirmed earlier this week that they have received a draft version of the FTC “consent decree” that would permit the formation of the United Launch Alliance, with conditions. The details of the consent decree haven’t been revealed, but according […]

Last-minute hearing notice

Sorry about the short advance notice about this (complicated by being out of town earlier this week): the Strategic Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee is holding a hearing this morning (10 am, Rayburn 2212) on “space and U.S. national power.” Scheduled witnesses include:

Lieutenant General C. Robert “Bob” Kehler, USAF, Deputy Commander, […]

More details on House changes to the NASA budget

An article in this week’s Space News (freely available online) provides some additional details on the changes a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee made to the proposed FY07 NASA budget. The subcommittee approved $16.709 billion for NASA, down from the $16.792 billion in the President’s original request. As previously noted, the subcommittee transferred $100 […]

New national space policy soon?

A Reuters article last week reported that a new overall national space policy—something that has been anticipated for months, if not a year or more—may soon finally be released. According to the article, “The White House is due to announce a new space policy this month, the first overhaul in a decade.” However, the article […]

Earth science and NASA

An editorial in yesterday’s Boston Globe raises a key question about NASA and the projects it should undertake. The editorial, based on an article that appeared in the Globe last Friday, argues that NASA should be spending more, not less, on Earth sciences programs:

Trips to the moon or Mars, which the president also favors, […]

Aeronautics and science take a bite out of exploration

The science, state, justice, and commerce subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, whose jurisdiction includes NASA, marked up their appropriations bill on Wednesday. Details about the bill are scant, based principally on this statement in the press release about the bill:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration receives $16.7 billion, $462 million above the FY06 base […]

Asteroids, robots, and nuclear annihilation

What do they have in common? They’re three of ten ways human civilization might meet its demise, according to a documentary airing on the Sci Fi Channel tonight. An article in today’s Washington Post recounts a discussion about those topics, organized by the channel, held yesterday on Capitol Hill. The topic of death by asteroid […]

Well, so much for that rumor

Reuters reported yesterday that Boeing and Lockheed Martin are still waiting for the Federal Trade Commission to approve the formation of the United Launch Alliance, contrary to a report published Saturday by US Space News, which claimed that the FTC had rejected the merger. (The Reuters article primarily covers separate negotiations between Boeing and the […]