Another ULA update

The site US Space News reported this weekend that the FTC has turned down the proposed United Launch Alliance merger of the Boeing and Lockheed Martin government EELV operations. These is no confirmation of this from any other source, including the FTC or either company, so this should be treated as an unverified rumor and […]

Events this week

The House Science Committee’s space subcommittee is holding a hearing this Tuesday titled “The NASA Workforce: Does NASA Have the Right Strategy and Policies to Retain and Build the Workforce It Will Need?” (10:30 am, Rayburn 2318). Witnesses scheduled to appear include:

Ms. Toni Dawsey, Assistant Administrator, Human Capital Management, National Aeronautics and Space Administration […]

A South African space policy

South Africa isn’t considered a “space” nation, per se, but the country is in the process of developing a national space policy, one that may involve the private sector to a significant degree, according to an article in the South African magazine Engineering News. Responsibility for a national space policy, according to 1993 legislation, belongs […]

House NPOESS meeting preview

This afternoon the full House Science Committee is holding a hearing on the status of the NPOESS satellite program, in the wake of the completion of the Nunn-McCurdy preview. (2:30pm, Rayburn 2318; the meeting will be webcast) According to a committee media advisory, the hearing will tackle these issues:

Are the new launch dates and […]

Senate hearing update

In case you missed it, here are the lineup of witnesses scheduled for today’s Senate Commerce Committee space subcommittee hearing on “NASA Budget and Programs: Outside Perspectives”:

Dr. Roy B. Torbert Director University of New Hampshire, Space Science Center

Dr. Peter Voorhees Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering Northwestern University

Dr. Jim Pawelczyk Associate […]

The Space Blitz is on

The 2006 Space Blitz, a citizens space lobbying effort by the multi-organization Space Exploration Alliance patterned after ProSpace’s March Storm, kicked off yesterday. According to a National Space Society press release, “The main focus of this year’s Blitz is to request that Congress fund NASA at the full authorized level of $17.9 billion, which would […]

The “business case” for the Vision

AIAA is organizing a lunchtime seminar on Capitol Hill on June 12 on the topic “Making the Business Case for Space – Where’s the Value?” The “business case” here is not so much a commercial business case but instead how to sell the public on the importance of NASA and the exploration vision. As the […]

Restructuring NPOESS

The Air Force has completed its Nunn-McCurdy review of the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) and concluded that, yes, the system is important to national security and should continue. However, the Air Force and NOAA have made some significant changes to the project, whose cost had ballooned to $13.8 billion, according to Space […]

A few comments about comments

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Senate hearing this week

The Senate Commerce Committee’s science and space subcommittee is scheduled to hold a hearing this Wednesday afternoon titled “NASA Budget and Programs: Outside Perspectives”. That’s the only information about the hearing available as of early this morning; the witness list has yet to be published on the committee web site.