Bush visits the Space Coast

That’s Gov. Jeb Bush, mind you, who paid a visit to Cape Canaveral last Thursday, Florida Today reports, talking up the economic development potential of Orion at KSC. That’s a topic of much concern in the area, as the shuttle program—which employs thousands—winds down, and Orion to date is only providing KSC with a few hundred jobs. Bush was optimistic about the future, although his comments didn’t indicate much to support that assessment, “If we sat and did nothing, we could be guaranteed tremendous economic losses,” he told reporters. “(Brevard) is the center of the new means by which to access space. Our expectation is it’ll be a growing industry.” But by how much can it grow?

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  • But by how much can it grow?

    Not by much.

    Unless Lockheed and Boeing can pick up some serious launch rates from some creative privateers, they know they’re screwed with the CEV and Stick. Bush and Griffin sure STUCK it to US, didn’t they? Whatever else were you expecting from a band of neocon thugs?