Beware of endorsements and bunnysuits

The Office of Special Counsel has issued what the Houston Chronicle calls a “sharp reprimand” to NASA administrator Mike Griffin for appearing to endorse then-Congressman Tom DeLay last year. In a March 2006 keynote speech at the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement event, Griffin said NASA “has had no better friend” than DeLay and that “we need to keep him there”. While Griffin denied that he endorsed the embattled congressman, the OSC decided otherwise, saying that Griffin “really walked up against that line” in making his comments. The text of the OSC’s reprimand letter will not be released; there’s nothing yet about the issue on the OSC web site.

The OSC also concluded that NASA violated regulations during a visit to KSC by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry in July 2004. They did not object a speech about health care, not space policy.) Kerry had long ago been convicted in the court of public opinion about the whole bunnysuit thing.

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