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Rename NASA Dryden for Armstrong?

That’s the proposal of Congressman Ken Calvert (R-CA), who is drafting legislation that would name the NASA research center at Edwards Air Force Base in California after Neil Armstrong, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Sunday. The name is fitting, since Armstrong worked there for several years in the 1950s and 1960s, flying the X-15 and other research aircraft. The Dryden name would be retained for Western Aeronautical Test Range.

Why the name change? Supporters argue that the name change will help tie the center more closely to space exploration work in the eyes of the public. Also, backers claim that the name change “will inspire young people to get them interested in math and science.” How a name change will do that isn’t elaborated upon in the article.

7 comments to Rename NASA Dryden for Armstrong?

  • Nemo

    Armstrong being the reclusive, self-effacing, and history-conscious person that he is, I predict:

    1) that he’ll decline the honor;
    2) that if they rename the center anyway, he might not show up for the ceremony;
    3) that if he does show up, the subject of his speech will be Hugh Dryden.

  • John Lancelot

    What about Chuck Yeager? How come everyone forgets about the General? He deserves the honor in my opinion.

  • Lurking Lurker

    Absolutely Yeager

  • Tom

    I third the nomination for Yeager. He made the area famous and was a true pioneer.

  • […] according to the press release. If this development sounds familiar, it’s because Calvert discussed making the name change earlier this year, but only now introduced the corresponding […]

  • Aldo

    Armstrong is a great choice. Most seem to be equating this with Neil and his lunar adventure. But Neil and aeronautics R&D is what this is really all about. Remember the X-15 Program? Neil was integral.
    Also, Mr. Armstrong is not quite so reclusive as in prvious years.

    Yeager could be a great choice. However, there are circumstances surrounding the the General and his family relationships as to why this is probably best avoided. [His present wife would more than likely demand payment for the use of the name.]

    Go with Armstrong.

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