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Joint hearing on NASA IG

The House Science and Technology Committee’s investigations subcommittee and the Senate Commerce Committee’s space subcommittee announced today that they will hold a joint hearing next week about the NASA Inspector General, Robert Cobb, who has been the subject of scrutiny by members of both committees. According to the headline of the Senate press release, Cobb himself will testify at the hearing, which will take place at 2 pm on May 23 in room 253 of the Russell Senate Office Building.

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  • anonymous

    Well, at least Congress is streamlining this apparent waste of time and taxpayer dollars by combining the two hearings into one. I sure hope something is revealed during the hearing that justifies the attention Congress has focused on Cobb and Wholley — and not provided to issues of real importance for NASA’s programs.

  • Chance

    You’re not fooling anyone Cobb, we know that’s you posting.

  • You can anonymously bitch about congress exercising their legal right to oversight and investigation of fraud and incompetence and criminality in government, but you’ve got nothing to say about a 10 trillion dollar national debt, and a two trillion dollar illegal war of aggression in Iraq?

    Screw you, anonymous. You are what’s wrong with America.

  • anonymous

    “You can anonymously bitch… Screw you, anonymous.”

    When Mr. Elifritz decides engage the rest of this forum as an adult, I’ll be glad to discuss with him whether there was actually any charges of fraud or criminality in the report against Cobb and whether other Bush Administration failings with regard to the federal budget and the war on terror have any relevance to this Congressional inquiry into the NASA IG.

    But if Mr. Elifritz insists on making unprovoked and arguably profane personal attacks and criticizing anonymous comments just for being anonymous — all contrary to the stated desires of the forum administrator –then I have no choice but to ignore him. Argue my opinions and facts, not me.

    Once again, I’d recommend to Mr. Foust that he close yet another thread (this one) and consider user bans for such obvious personal attacks, if the software supports them.

  • anonymous

    “You’re not fooling anyone Cobb, we know that’s you posting.”

    LOL… funny.

  • Oh, did I hurt some anonymous guy’s feelings. I’m so sorry. Me so bad.

  • Jeff Foust

    Comments for this post are now closed. A request, particularly for Mr. Elifritz: if you’re unwilling or unable to engage in discussion without resorting to namecalling and foul lanugage, please go elsewhere. Thanks.