Shameless self-promotion

If you are looking for something to do this Sunday afternoon, you can tune into The Space Show at 3:00 pm EDT, where I will be Dr. David Livingston’s guest for the 90-minute show. One thing we will be talking about during the show will be the NewSpace 2007 conference, which wraps up Saturday, but with all that time there will be opportunities to talk about space policy and other topics. And if, for some reason, you actually have better things to do Sunday afternoon than listen to an Internet radio show, the show will be archived for later listening.

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  • There is simply nothing better for anyone to do this afternoon than to listen to this show with Jeff. Visit http://www.thespaceshow.com and click up at the top on the Listen Live button and follow the instructions for the streaming media of your choice. Movies, mowing the lawn and baseball are not excuses.

    DocSpace of The Space Show

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